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Re: Thanks to Sri Madhava Kannan and other members
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 19:11:02 PDT

Dear SrI Sampathkumar,

Thanks for your appreciation.
English is a foreign language and email communciation adds up further the
possible misunderstanding that can happen and cause ill fellings or hurt
feelings or any enetual Bhagawatha apacharam thereby. There is no point in
any of us having "holier than thou" attitude as all of us (except for the
rarest few) are running amuck behind material pursuits. So, let us remind
ourselves to keep calm, think, and write befroe we click send.

Let me again say: It was not changed ThirumaN. On one uthsavam or occassion
possible Sri Ramanuja would have been bedecked with thirumaN and that
picture is available in our homes and in some books. None would change or
doctor and for what? what do we achieve?

So, we did not change the ThirumaN of Sri Ramanuja for this web page
earlier nor do we admit that we changed the ThirumaN.

In order to ease and reduce the tension caused by the picture, adiyEn
thought a great three Ramanuja picture (which was given as a gift by Sri MS
Hari Swamin to adiyEn's son) can adorn the web site.

Hope it is understood in the right perspective. Let us keep the issue
closed and behind and continue to perform (little) kaimkaryams that we have
been trying to do..
Let us be united or give respect to each other's sampradyam, as it (each
branch) has come out of the Big vruksham (Tree) of Srivaishnavam. There may
be differences in the branches of the Tree. No pint in each brahc trying to
cut the other branch. An eye for an eye will end up making the whole world
Narayana Narayana

Sri Sampathkumar wrote:
Couple of weeks back I have posted a message in the list saying that
the site has an image of
srIperumbUdUr emperumAnAr image with Thiruman kAppu changed as
Vadagalai. In response to the same, Sri Madhava Kannan had admitted
the same immediately and had taken steps to change the image. He has
handled the situation efficiently and in the meantime he has also
clearly indicated that more than any thing else he believes in the
union of both kalais. I take this opportunity to thank him and other
team members.

srivaishnava dasan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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