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Swamy Deshikan THirunakshatram Special - 1

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Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 05:27:39 PDT

Swamy Deshikan Thiruvadigale Sharanam

This series is to commemorate the forthcoming thirunakshatram of the
greatest acharya of Sri Ramanuja Sampradayam, Swamy Nigamantha Maha

First in the series presented below is the English translation of the
original article "Srimannigamantha Maha Deshikara Vyaktitva", written in
Kannada by Dr. NSA and published in "Swamy Deshika a special number" by Sri
Deshika Seva trust.

All translation errors are solely my responsibility.


Swamy Nigamantha Maha Deshikan's Vyaktitvam (personality) - part 1

>From time immemorial, this world has seen phenomenal personalities take
birth as per divine ordainment and uplift the Lord's subjects through their
profound teachings and thoughts. They have influenced our minds a lot and
have shown the way to salvation. Swamy Deshikan is one amongst such
luminaries, and enjoys a superlative status amongst them.

He was born in the later half of the thirteenth century and led his life
completely dedicated to the service of the Lord for a full period of one
hundred years as per the Vedas, and influenced everyone with his philosophy
and practice. With his magnificent works, which crossed over a hundred, he
lit lamps of knowledge that would glow eternally and would guide future
generations on the path to salvation. The way he lead his life and his
practices showed to the world that he is a rare blend of knowledge, devotion
and vairagya. He showed the world that with true dedication, devotion and
practice, one could be godlike. He led his life with pristine purity and
with a yogic approach, with a calm and controlled mind, matched by
compassion and a helping mentality. He was a living example of what Lord
Krishna said - "yasmAnnodvijatE lOkO lOkAnnO dvijatE cha yaH |".

Many great scholars have explored the depths of the works of Swamy Deshikan
and have celebrated him with lots of praises and works, which glorify his
knowledge and devotion. These can accurately be seen from the works of
Swamy's contemporaries and his students including his illustrious son,
Varadacharya. These works on Swamy illustrate the limit to which he
influenced them. It is observable that Swamy's divine traits can be seen in
his works as well as in the works sung in praise of him by his disciples.

Swamy Deshikan in some his works gives certain biographical details about
himself. In his work Sankalpa Suryodayam Swamy gives details regarding his
incarnation being that of the Lord's Ghanta or bell. He says -

" utprekshyatE bidhajanairupapattibhUmnA
  ghantA haressamajanishta yadAtmanEti | "

It is most evident from this that he is a divinely commissioned missionary.
He recalls his interaction with Nadadur Ammal during the early days of his
life as -

"varadagurukrUpA lambhitOddAmabhUmA" and 
"shrImadbhyAm syAdasAvityanupadhi varadAchAryarAmAnujAbhyAm".

He mentions about his acharya Atreya Ramanuja saying -
"shrutvA rAmAnujAryAt sadasadapi" 

He also gives details of having mastered all shastras at an early age of
twenty saying - 

"vimshatyabdhe vishruthanAnAvidhavidyah trimshadvAramshrAvita shArIrika

which also conveys that he was all the time immersed in the sri sooktis of

"YatipravarabhAratIrasabhareNa nItam vayah" also stands as evidence to this.

He was conferred with the titles "Kavitaarkikasimha", "Sarvatantraswatantra"
and "Vedantacharya". Appaya Dikshitar who wrote commentary to his kavyam
Yadavabhyudayam, seconds these opinions and says 
"Kavitaarkikasimhasya kaavyeshu laliteshwapi".

"paraspara hitaishiNAm parisareShu mAm vartaya", "vayam tu haridAsAnAm
pAdarakshAvalambakAh", "KrishNe niveshita dhiyo vayamEva nAnyE", "dEvam
sEvitumEva nishchinumahE", "Nasti pitrArjitam kinchit", are some of the
sayings from the works of Swamy Deshikan which convey his life which was
spiritually rich with great devotion, exemplary dedication, firm vairaagyam
and untainted character. He was a great poet and philosopher and his entire
life is a great inspiration filled message.

To be contd....

vedAntasUri charaNam sharaNam prapadye !!!
vAzhi vyAkhyAmuddirak kai !!!

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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