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kannanai ninaiththaalum sugame post 5

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 22:17:16 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

We saw in earlier posts that kannanai ninaikka "mun seidha thavap payan"
thEvai- to think of kaNNan, it is a pre-condition and must to have
accumulated fruits of good deeds done in earlier births.  We also saw
kaNNanai ninaiththaal sugam [to think on krishna is comfort, happiness],
kaNNanip paRRi sonnaal naa inikkum [to utter matters regarding kaNNan the
tongue tastes sweetness]. 
Ok - what will happen if kaNNanai ninainthu paadinaal- if you sing loudly
thinking on kaNNan- what will happen?
The result will be - aazhvar says vEm enadhu aaruyir- my life or soul is
burnt in that great feelings- see paasuram
NinaithoRum sollunthoRum nenju idinthu ugum
VinaikoL seer paadilum vEm enadhu aaruyir
Sunai koL poonchOlaith then kaatkarai en appaa
NinaigilEn naan unakku aatseyyum neermaiyE - 9-6-2 nam aazhvaar
Meanings of certain words:
NinaithoRum - ninaikkum thOrum- whenever I think about you Nenju idinthu-
manam magizhnthu adhil karainthu- heart melts down in the feelings Ugum-
kaNNeer perukkum- will flow (tears? Or the souls itself?)
VEm- veppam- heat 
Neermai- guNam- characteristics

Meaning: Oh! My lord of thenkaatkarai, [where good water ponds and very nice
gardens are there in this beautiful dhivya dhEsam] whenever I think of you,
my heart melts down and tears start flowing. Whenever my mouth utters your
name, my heart melts down and tears flow. When I sing in praise of you and
your nice character of removing all the sins of myself [or your bhakthas],
my dear soul gets heated up [or aroused in the feelings and goes out of
control]. Because of these, I am not getting that character of being a
servant of you and start doing servitude.
a.	Whenever I think of you, oh! Krishna, my heart crumbles down and
flows like liquid. See words idinthu ugum- on its own the heart crumbles-
thoughts of krishna is the cracker to induce that explosion, the gelatin to
induce the blasting. We also saw OVS swamy using the same word ugum in
"kaNNeer uga nanainthaalum"
b.	vinai koL seer paadilum - en vinaigaLai nee koLLum seermaiyai
paadinaal - when I sing in praise of the way you absolve my sins and give me
relief-your characteristics of taking away my sins- of even picking a small
fight with your dhEvi if required- "than thiRaththu thaamaraiyaaL aagilum
sidhaguraikkumEl en adiyaar adhu seyyar seidhaarEl nanRu seivar
enbar-[periyaazhvaar- 4-9-2] - my servants will not do any thing wrong. If,
they do certain things, then it will only be good, and not bad to any body-
that is the way you take or treat these actions of your servants- that is
your character. When I sing that nature my soul burns- vEm enadhu aaruyir.
c.	vinai koL seer- nee viLaiyaattaai seyyum vinaigaLai -
vElaigaLai-seyalgaLai- antha seyyum arumaiyai- seerai- siRappai - just when
I recollect your acts, which you do so simply, easily, sportingly, my soul
simply burns in that joy of enjoying your these deeds. As a result, I am
unable to think of doing service to you.
d.	eedu vyaakyaanappadi- ellaarudaiya dhukkangaLaiyum abakarikkira un
kalyaaNa guNangalai paadilum [to sing the glories of you of that nature of
removing the sorrows of all] - seer enRu seelamaai thaazha ninRu  seidha
seyalgaLai- sugreevanai naadhanaaga virumbum thanmaiyai- guNamaaga
ninainthaal - [back reference is 4-18 kishkindhaa kaaNdam of vaalmeeki
raamaayaNam]- oh raama being the supreme lord of the universe, you wanted to
be a servant of sugreeva the king of kishkindha, to search your dhEvi
seethaa- to think of such special characteristics of you, my soul gets
simply burnt. 

See thirumangai aazhvar in 8-10-9 brings about a variant to this- due to
singing, the lord filled my heart, as a result, I am able to get this
kinkarathvam - of being a servant to the lord.
Naattinaai ennai unakku mun thoNdaaga
MaattinEn aththanaiyE koNdu en valvinaiyai
Paattinaal unnai en nenjaththu irunthamai 
Kaattinaai kaNNapuraththu ammaanE

Meaning: Oh! Uncle of kaNNapuram! You made me to sing, when I sang about
you, and you showed me that you are completely filled in my heart. Due to
that presence of you, I just hung or hooked all my sins on you. As a fruit
of this act of mine, you crowned me as your servant going in front of you. 
Dear bhakthaas - see the firmness of each word in this paasuram with which
they are uttered here. Also the variance to nam aazhvaar paasuram. Just see
the result of singing about my kaNNan.
When the soul is enjoying like this on singing his glory, [apparently
claiming my soul burns but is it really?] the aanandham is so much that it
becomes a cry- weeping- alaRRi says same nam-aazhvaar in another paasuram.
See - 6-4-1 in thiruvaaimozhi [quoted in post 4 now taken up for elaboration
and enjoyment of kaNNan]
Kuravai aaichchiyarOdu kOththadhum kunRam onRu Enthiyadhum Uravu neer poigai
naagam kaainthadhum utpada maRRum pala AraviR paLLip piraan than maaya
vinaigaLaiyE alaRRi Iravum pagalum thavirgilam enna kurai enakkE.
Meaning of certain words: 
kaainthadhum- just teased
alaRRi- azhudhu- solli- thodarnthu urakka solli alladhu paadi- crying,
telling loudly, continuously sayng
Meaning: hey what shortfalls I have? Nothing. For I spend all my nights and
days singing the glory of that naaraayaNan who has the snake as his bed and
carries out unique deeds as "child plays". Some of these are as krishNaa, 
1.	to dance with the gOpees joining hands with each one of them and
singing in that raasa dance
2.	to hold aloft that hill gOvardhanam to prevent rains
3.	to tease that snake kaaLiyan in the pond and make him run for safety
after you allowed him to go
4.	above included and besides many others.

Here this word alaRRi is interpreted differently by different authors.
As per eedu- alaRRi is taken as sollik koNdu, another author interprets as
vaai vittu thudhi seidhu. Another author takes this word as agaRRi instead
of alaRRi - meaning removing - considering all those sins which can not be
solved are simply removed- maayaa vinaigaLai agaRRi .
We know when we are very happy, that happiness itself leads to crying. We
very well see this, many a times in TV etc. That too when we talk about
kaNNan this aanandham is superb and incomparable- that too to think of
kaNNan in that "aaichchiyarOdu kOththadhu" 
_	kaNNan playing flute
_	gOpees dancing
_	the enticing music soothing moon light
_	comfortable gentle breeze flowing across
_	all hEvaas and sidhdhaas waiting in the sky and enjoying krishna's
Sitting in isolation in a corner of a room and just visualising this scene
gives so much aanandham that it brings down tears automatically. When you
are in a congregation of bhakthaas of like mind- kaNNan than maaya
vinaigaLai alaRRum koottam- each talks about one episode- sangam -  koodi
irunthu kuLirnthu magizhum koottam - more vibrations in the mind - so no
wonder to say alaRRi- krishna- krishna- enna kuRai enakkE. 

Then sing 
kuRai onRum illai maRai Moorththi kaNNaa
kuRai onRum illai kaNNaa
kuRai onRum illai gOvindhaa [Pallavi in raaga shiva ranjani

Anupallavi shiva ranjani
kaNNukku theriyaamal niRkinRaay kaNNaa
kaNNukku theriyaamal ninRaalum enakku
kuRai onRum illai maRai Moorththi kaNNaa

CaraNam 1 shiva ranjani
vENdiyathai thanthida vEnkatEsan enRirukka
vEndiyathu vERillai maRai Moorththi kaNNaa
maNivaNNaa malaiappaa gOvindhaa gOvindhaa

CaraNam 2 kaapi
thiraiyin pin niRkinRaay kaNNaa - unnai
maRai Odhum gnaaniyar mattumE kaaNpaar
enRaalum kuRai onRum enakkillai kaNNaa

CaraNam 3 kaapi
kunRin mEl kallaagi niRkinRa varadhaa
kuRai onRum illai maRai moorththi kaNNaa
maNivaNNaa malaiappaa gOvindhaa gOvindhaa

CaraNam 4 sindu bhairavi
Kali naaLukku iranNgi kallilE iRangi
nilaiyaaga kOvilil niRkinRaay KEsavaa

CaraNam 5 sindu bhairavi
yaathum maRukkaatha malaiyappaa - un maarbil
Ethum thara niRkum karuNaik kadal annai
enRum irunthida Ethu kuRai enakku
onRum kuRai illai maRai Moorththi kaNNaa
maNivaNNaa malaiappaa gOvindhaa gOvindhaa 

Let this mood be there for some time.

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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