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Mother lakShmi's inseperableness with lordSriman nArayaNa

From: shrinath mk (
Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 15:36:41 PDT

Srimate rangapriya mahadeSikaya nama:
Srimate lakShminarasimha parabrahmaNe nama:

Dear Srimaan Reddy,
ADiyen wishes to attepmt to answer your question as
Mother lakShmi and Sriman nArayaNa are inseperable
with all their kalyaNa guNas in Sri vykunTam, or any
where else. Whenever there arises a requirement for
the lord to go to prAkruta manDalam ( material world)
lord has his avataram available there. It does not
mean that HE is not present in Sri vykunTam at that
time. HE is omnipotent and omnipresent meaning that HE
can be present at any number of places simultaneously
with all HIS kalyaNa guNas. As a rough analogy, adiyen
would like to say that Sri vykunTam is like HIS head
office and HIS other avatara STaLas are like site
Having this inseperableness as HER natural attribute,
SHE does not want to be seperated even in HIS
avataras, so SHE does all SHE can to claim HER right
to be in HIS vaKShasTaLam always.
Adiyen would like to quote Sri Velukkudi Krishnan in
his one of his upanyasams that even in vamana avataram
Sri mahalakShmi was present in HIS chest and HE knew
that bali chakravarthi being a saatvika could see HER.
So Our Bhagavan covers HIS little chest to hide HER!
Hope aDiyen's two cents worth answers your question 
'was Sri mahalakShmi not present in Sri vykunTam when
she rose out of tirupaal kaDal to marry Sriman
Errors due to preceptions, misunderstandings and typo
are all mine and AdiYen would like to offer danDavat
praNamams to the lotus feet of all Bhavatas to request
their forgiveness.
Srimate rangapriya mahadESikaya nama:
aDiYen Sri rAmanuja dAsan,
Shrinath Iyengar

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