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clarification:SrI rAmAnujAcArya's commentary on vedAnta sUtras.
Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 18:42:36 PDT

Om namO nArAyaNa
Dear Ambarish,As far as I know, The aim of a Mumookshu(a person who wishes for
deliverance)  is only Nitya Kinkara, that is engaging oneself in the
continuous Service to the Lord in His Abode, Sri Vaikuntam.
This is the Visista Advaita view.
For Visista Advaita, Bhedam(The Individual soul and Suprme soul are
diffferent and their is a Servant- Master relationship between them) is
the hallmark.
Merging one with Lord(jeevan Mukthi) is a concept of Advaitins and not of
Visista Advaita.RegardsKM Narayanan
Thank you very much Sir for your kind reply,
      But my source of doubt is coming from this: Recently there were
postings on CMS that SrI MadhvAcArya refuted 21 commentaries on vedhAnta
sUtras including those of SrI rAmAnuja and SrI Samkara and that merging
with viSNu is a concept in the vedAnta sUtra commentary of SrI rAmAnuja.
I wish to know, if this is actually so.(This is pointed out as the most
important difference between dvaita and viSiShta advaita). 
      I wish to know about it as a dispassionate seeker please don't take 
it otherwise.
             Om namO nArAyaNa                                                
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