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Mukkur Swami's upanyasam tapes-2
Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 11:00:15 PDT


SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha,

Dear Bhaktas,

In this post, adiyen is continuing the summary of Sri Mukkur Swamin's 
upanyasam tapes.

Namo Narayana,

SriMuralidhara Dasan


Having dwelt on the elevated status of Bhagavan Narasimha, Sri Swami 
exclaimed that the term namaha: is reserved for exclusive use in the 
context of Bhagavan Narasimha. Narasimha is one who is ever 
auspicious (shambu arising from the combination of sham+bhu). He 
holds the bow called pinaka. Therefore, He is known as PinAki. He 
exudes auspiciousness all around. Such a great 
Lord was instrumental in starting Sri Ahobila Matham. It was Bhagavan 
Narasimha in the garb of a Sanyasi, who gave the presha mantram to 
Sri Kidambi Srinivasachariar Swami, who came to be known as Adivan 
Satakopa Jeeyar. "AhobilE Sri Nrusimham prEsha mantram svayam dadhoU 
yOgirUpENa yasyAsmai satakOpAya Mangalam" was the shlokam quoted 
by Sri Swami in testimony of the above fact. 

Sri Swami continued that Sri Ahobila Matham has been blessed with pre-
eminent Acharyas from then on until the present time. Sri Swami 
fondly recalled an interesting anecdote with Sri Mukkur Azhagiya 
Singar. SalakshaNa Ghanapati was a pre-eminent Veda Vidwan. 
Once, he visited Mukkur Azhagiyasingar, who asked him "How many times 
does vedam speak about Brahman?" SalakshaNa Ghanapati was hard 
pressed to answer this question. At that time, Sri Mukkur 
Azhagiyasingar remarked "Being a Ghanapati and effortlessly recalling 
Vedic passages is not sufficient. A vedavith must be able to answer 
questions of any nature pertaining to the Vedas."

Sri Swami then returned to the subject of Bhagavan Nrusimha and 
observed that the Vaibhavam of Bhagavan Narasimha is celebrated in 
the seventh skandam of Srimad Bhagavatam. At this time, Sri Swami's 
exemplary humility shone forth in his remark"Do you think I can do 
justice to the elevated subject of Bhagavan Narasimha. One must 
hear this only from noble personages like Shuka Brahmam. There cannot 
be a greater narrator than him nor can there be a greater listener 
than Parikshith. Let us understand the greatness of Shuka Brahmam 

Swami continued "Shuka Brahmam was a practitioner of single-minded 
Bhakti to Lord Narayana and none else. He was oblivious to the form 
or appearance of any person or thing. He only beheld Lord Narayana in 
every animate and inanimate object. One day he was walking by 
a river where Apsara damsels were performing snanam bereft of any 
clothing. However, they continued their act as if nothing had 
happened. A short while later, Vedavyasa walked by and the same 
Apsara damsels rushed to cover their bodies with their clothes. 
Vedavyasa was somewhat enraged by this and demanded an explanation of 
the damsels for their act. The damsels remarked in unison "Yes your 
son walked by a short while before you. However, did he stop to talk 
to us? No He just went his way. He is able to see Lord Narayana alone 
in every being be it a mountain, an insect, or a human being. Whereas 
You are endowed with Bheda jnAnam, i.e., you can make a distinction 
between the being and their indweller, Lord Narayana. Therefore, we 
acted as we did". This is not intended in anyway to belittle 
Vedavyasa Rishi but only to illustrate the greatness of Shuka 
Brahmam. This is called nahi ninda nyAyam. That is to bring out the 
greatness of a person or thing, that object is compared to 
another. However, this is not intended to belittle the latter."

To be continued

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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