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Description of Sri maTham AchArya TN celebrations 2001 - I

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Tue Sep 04 2001 - 15:44:45 PDT

Dear bhaktas:

adiyEn was among the ones fortunate to attend and
participate in the two-day AchArya thirunakshatram
celebrations held in Centerville VA on September
01 and 02, 2001.  About 60+ people joined in these
commemorations on both the days and it was a truly
joyous occasion for everyone.

Under the organization of Sri Ahobila maTham USA,
devotees celebrated the thirunakshathrams of the
following mahAchAryas:

- swAmi vedAnta deSikan
  Undisputed master of ubhaya vedAnta, most brilliant
  of polemical minds, and the greatest SriVaishnava
  AchAryan ever in the order of bhagavad rAmAnuja.

- SrImad AdivaNN SatakOpa yatIndra mahAdeSikan
  Founding AchAryan of Sri Ahobila maTham, "rescuer"
  of swAmi nammAzhwAr himself, and an exemplary
  scholar, saint and visionary; blessed with sanyAsam
  by narasimhar perumAL in the ahobila divya kshetram.

- SrImad InjimEttu Azhagiya Singar
  42nd Ahobila maThAdipathi, an erudite scholar during
  whose reign Sri maTham enjoyed its "golden era" of
  the last century, developing many branches across
  India and fostering numerous SrI bhAshya vidvAns.

- SrImad devanarvilagam Azhagiya Singar
  43rd Jeeyar, former principal of the MadhurAntakam
  vedic college, extremely rigorous in anushTAnam and
  sanchAram; the only Azhagiyasingar to ascend to SrI
  vaikunTham from NaimishAraNyam - the abode of rishis.

- Srimad mukkoor Azhagiya Singar
  44th Jeeyar, initiated as peeThAdipathi at NaimiSAraNyam,
  reigned for 32 years, and under divine commandment from
  periya perumAL, successfully brought about construction
  of a thirteen tier rAjagopuram in SriRangam during the
  period 1979 through 1987.

- prakrtham Srimad Villivalam Azhagiya Singar
  45th (present) Jeeyar, who has had shishya sambandham
  and kAlakshepam under each of the previous three Azhagiya
  Singars, author of the authoritative "Anhika" grantham,
  whose continuing upanyAsams over telephone are a boon to
  shishyas and abhimaanis living outside India.

adiyEn has the privilege of not only participanting in
these celebrations, but also of being able to write about
them in a fair amount of detail.  Bhaktas may kindly bear
with me while I attempt to complete these descriptions
in a short, 2-3 part sequence.

To be continued...

rAmAnuja dayA pAtram gnyAna vairAgya bhUshaNam
SrImad vEnkata nAthAryam vande vedAnta deSikam

punaH punar-namaskrtAya venkateSa sooraye
thooppul thiruvEnkatam udayAn thiruvadigaLe SaraNam
Srimad Azhagiya Singar thiruvadigaLe SaraNam

-Srinath C.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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