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An Update on Sri VaishNava Kaimkaryams

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 05:29:45 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya nama:

Dear BhakthAs :

This is the year of Vikrama in the sixty year
calendar cycle of Years (samvathsarams ). Vikrama
is the short word for Thrivikraman , whose glories
Andal celebrated ( Ongi UlahaLantha Utthaman pEr Paadi)
in the third paasuram of ThiruppAvai.

Many kaimkaryams have been initiated by our 
Sri VaishNava community in this auspicious year.
Many started in previous years are reaching 
stages of SamarpaNam at the holy feet of our revered 
AchAryAs and the SaraNya Dampahtis . 

It has been adiyEn's privelege and pleasure 
to work with many BhAgavathAs in the spirit of
"Koodi Irunthu kuLirnthElOrempAvAi " in some of 
these projects. AdiyEn thanks whole heartedly
the support and encouragement given by the BhaagavathAs .

AdiyEn would like to take this opportunity to update 
You about the status of the different kaimkaryams
and invoke the prayer of our ThAyAr , ANDAL for this
community to be blessed with additional Kaimkarya-
prApthi to Them and our revered AchAryAs :

" YeRRaikum yEzhEzh piRavikkum, unRannOdu
  uRROmEyAvOm UnakkE NaamAtcchiyvOm,
  MaRRai nam kAmangaL mARRElOrempAvai "

May We all be blessed during this Sri VaishNava
NavarAthri season and on this Svaathi Nakshathram
day dear to Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan to follow the path
shown by our poorvAchAryAs !

Here is a brief list of kaimakryams & their status:

1. ThiruppAvai Monograph release :

Sri U.Ve. Vaishnava Simham PerukkArANai 
MaadabhUshi ChakravarthyAcchAr Swamy's
scholarly monograph is being released next week
with the financial support of twenty plus
BhagavathAs from USA , India and Middle east.

The date has now been set for the function at Chennai .
The date is October 8 , which is a very sacred day
in our calendar .This is the rare day , when
EkAdasi, SravaNam ,Vijaya Dasami and the avathAra 
Dinam of NigamAntha MahA Desikan of Thuppul and 
ThiruvEnkatamudayAN come together on a PurattAsi 
Saturday . 

The time is 2.30 PM ; The place for celebration
for the release of this 700 plus page monograph
on the 30 paasurams of GodhA PirAtti is Desika
Bhavanam of Mylapore , Chennai (27 VenkatEsa AgrahAram ,
Mylapore ).

Great scholars of our SampradhAyam have been invited
to bless this Kaimkaryam . It is adiyEn's bhAgyam
to invite you and your family to attend this important
event .Videos and photos are being commissioned.

Sri PerukkAraNai Swamy has blessed adiyEn to
translate his Tamil Monograph on ThiruppAvai
into English for the benefit of BhakthAs ,
who may not be able to read Tamil . It is
a parama bhAgyam that adiyEn will place
the highest priority.

2. Udayavar Kaimkaryams :

There have been three Kaimkaryams:

(A) The Navarathna SatAri (Mudali Andan ) 
for AchArya RaamAnujA at ThirunArAyaNa Puram 
(tamar Uhantha ThirumEni) has been presented 
during February of this year.

(B)The two silver vattils for the nithyArAdhanam of
ThirunArAyaNan have been presented to celebrate
the links of AchArya RaamAnujA , Sri Adhi VaNN
SatakOpa Jeeyar of MelkOte and many poorvAchAryAs 
to this important abhimAna Sthalam .This samarpaNam 
took place son after SelvappiLLai's Vairamudi 
uthsavam this year.

(C) The thridhaNdam for the Moolavar ( ThAmm
Uhandha ThirumEni) at SriperumbhUthUr is awaiting
samarpaNam by HH Srimath Azhagiya Singar soon
after His return from the sancharam to Delhi ,
BadrIkAsramam . Srimath Azhagiya Singar has graciously
consented to present the Silver ThridhNDam covered 
fully with 10 soverigns of Gold leaves .The original 
intent was to gold plate the Silver ThridhaNDam
and present it . Srimath Azhagiya Singar has 
suggested full coverage with gold leaves
to assure that this AabharaNam decorating 
the hand of Udayavar is protected from the stresses
of daily aarAdhanam and Thirumanjanam . Few BhAgavathAs
have supported this and the rathna SatAri kaimkaryam 
before. Those who are interested to participate
in the final stage of the ThridhaNdam kaimkaryam 
are requested to contact adiyEn .

3. Swamy Desikan's Sri Sookthis:

(A).The postings on GodhA Sthuthi 
has been completed and archived in
the home pages with the URL:

Sri Venkat Iyengar of Sri VillipputthUr has made
this possible as a part of his Kaimkaryam
to Andal . Srimathi KalyANi KrishNamAcchAri's
postings (upto the tenth decad ) of NaachiyAr
Thirumozhi and the audio renderings of
ThiruppAvai by Smt.Nithyashree and many other
treasures are at this site created and maintained
by Sri Venkat Iyengar of Sri VillipputthUr .

(B) Sri RanganAtha PaadhukA sahasram:

This kaimkaryam was initated during the last
Thirunakshathram of Swamy Desikan jointly with
Dr.V.N.Vedantha Desikan of Oppiliappan Koil,
Srimans MuraLi Rangaswmy of Boston and 
Sri Achutharaman of Singapore . We are about to
complete SanchAra Paddhathi . It has taken us
almost a year to arrive upto three hundred slOkams.
Swamy Desikan completed the creation of this
MahA Kaavyam in celebration of Swamy NammAzhwAr
in one Yaamam of a single night . At our pace ,
it will take us another two years to conclude
this kaimakryam. The URL for these postings

(C) Sri HayagrIva SthOthram:

Sixteen out of the 33 slOkams have been
completed sofar . The home pages of ParakAla
MaTam created by Sri Rajeev KaramchEdu
( ) has 
the archives. It is hoped that this kaimkaryam
will be completed brfore this Vijaya Dasami day.
(D) additions have been made to Swamy Desikan 
Home pages maintained by Sri Haresh Balasubramanyan
of Singapore and adiyEn (

(E) SaraNAgathi Journal : Srimans Rengarajan( Publisher),
Venkatesh Elayavalli (Web Master) are helping adiyEn 
in my role as the Editor of this electronic journal.
We have been fortunate to release 9 issues this year
sofar and look forward to releasing three more this
year. The URL for this Journal is:  

4. The Home Pages for ThiruvenkatamudayAn :

These home pages were started on Sri Vaikunta 
EkAdasi day (1999). We have been blessed to have 
the support of TT DevasthAnam on this project.
Rare images of the Lord of Thiruppathi and
the commentaries on the SrinivAsa SuprabhAtham ,
SthOthram , Prapatthi and mangaLam along with
descriptions of AzhwAr's Paasurams on this dhivya
dEsam , DayA sathakam are there .The home pages 
are at the URL: 
Sri Haresh Balasubramanyan of Singapore is
the Web Master for these special home pages.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
With Sathsanga praNAmams ,
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan   

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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