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short introduction of my self

From: kannan damal pathangi (
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 22:40:36 PDT

dear bhagavathas,
i shall give a short account of my self.
i am 60 years old and well entrenched in our sat sampradaya viz.srivaishnava 
tradition.i am a desciple of Sri Ahobhila MAtam.i had my samasrayana done 
with 44th jeer and bharasamamarpana with 45th pontif of the Ahobhila Math.i 
have studied for a short while Sri Geetha Bhashya kalakshepa at the holy 
feet of the Great sri Ue.VE.Uthamur Swamy in the year 1968 and for some 
SRIMATHRAHASYATHRAYASARA UNDER the great Sri Ue.Ve.Thirukkallam Narasimha 
raghavacharya swamy.i did not have the good fortune to do Sri 
BHagavathvishaya kalakshepam as by the time my attention was diverted to my i am staying for short while at singapore with my daughter and 
son-in-law and have the good fortune to hear the kalakshepa on srimath 
rahasyathreyasara rendered by Sri Ue.Ve.M.S.Hari,whose exposition and 
erudition are simply spell binding.
i have a small scale industry running at chennai for the last 14years.
My ambition in life is to study more and  more about our granthas and delve 
deeply in it and drink the nectar out of it
adiyen ramanuja dasan
damal pathangi kannan(lakshminrisimha sarman)
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