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From: suresh srinivasamurthy (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 18:56:05 PDT

Dear Sri Narayana BhaktAls,

Adiyen's name is Suresh Srinivasamurthy.
We are originally from a place called Hemmige, near Mysore,Karnataka.
and presently living in Plantation,Florida.We belong to Parkala Mutt, 
Mysore.Adiyen had his samasrayanam from the present Acharya
HH Srimadabhinava Vageesha brahmatantra swamy.
Adiyen was also lucky to have several mantra initiations from
Sri Ananthanarasimhacharya swamy (SriKaryam poundarikapuram asramam)
and also learnt some veda mantrams and Tiruppavai from other
great Gurus.Adiyen cannot read and write Tamil but good in Kannada.
Adiyen is practicing Srivaishnavam in a humble way.
It is really Lord Sri Narayana's grace that Adiyen has entered this
great fortress of Bhagavad BhaktAs.

Srimadacharya Tiruvadigale Saranam

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