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Re: doubt

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 21:34:53 PDT

Dear Sri Madhavan,

In response to your questions:

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> great bhagavathas,
>          iam having few doubts.i humbly request you to clear
>      1.please mention  NITHYAKARMAS THAT I HAVE TO DO as a

SriVaishnavam is fully in accordance with what is ordained in the
vEdas.  Consequently, all of the nitya karmas that are prescribed
in vEdic practice are to be followed to the best of one's
abilities.   However, most achAryans and scholars will suggest
that most important of these for any follower of the tradition is
to perform sandhya vandanam regularly.

Along with sandhya vandanam, most followers of the tradition will
also perform thiruvAradhanai daily as taught to them by their
achAryans or mentors.

It is important to note that both of these duties are to be done
in the mood of kainkaryam or complete servitude to Sriman
Narayana.  While spiritual joy and peace are some of the gifts
will naturally result from this, a true follower of the faith
will seek no particular fruit in the performance of these
devotional activities, because living for the Lord's service is
the greatest blessing that one can obtain.

>      2.goudiya vaishnavites(ISKON) having a nithya karma of
> they can chant at any time .
> do we have any specific mantra to be chanted dailly(like
this)and please specify how much I should chant daily?

There are actually 3 mantras that are imparted to a SriVaishnava
by his/her achAryan as part of samAsrayanam.  These 3 mantras,
along with one's achArya paramparai is generally meditated upon
daily; and one of these mantras, the dvayam, is to be recited as
much as possible and whenever possible.

> note:
>     i am a college goer and i am busy with my schedules
>           how can i be a shrivaisnavite inspite of my busy
> please answer, for this durathma's request.

This is a rather difficult question to answer from a purely
traditional perspective.  I seek the forgiveness of others in
this forum for bringing in my own personal experience into this

>From what I have learned both from teachings and experience, the
way and the goal of SriVaishnavam lies not just in the religious
practice, but is also the philosophical attitude and humble
servitude that results from it.  The ideal of SriVaishnavam is to
cultivate a loving inclination towards Sriman Narayana in
one's heart and soul and carry it with oneself everywhere, such
that everything, from traditional worship to the duties of the
day, are all seen as a form of adoration and service to Him.  One
should be able to feel His presence
whether one is standing before the archa form of the Lord in his
koil azhwAr, taking an exam, or even just socializing with
friends.  Seeing the Divine's role in all things naturally
results in a sense of compassion and empathy for one's fellow
beings, irrespective of race, caste or gender, and a desire to
serve fellow devotees in their pursuit of this path.  How this is
both expressed and realized in practice is by setting aside some
time every day to learning and practicing the tradition,
religious study, and
simple contemplation upon His anantakalyAnagunas.   Even just an
hour a
day devoted to this can make a tremendous difference in one's
life and

I hope this helps.

Ramanuja Dasan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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