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what was that you did -3

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 22:01:01 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer, 

In the previous posts, we saw three krithis from three different authors
with the same central theme, comments on the pallavi and anu pallavi of the
first krithi "enna thavam seidhanai" by PS. In this part, we will see some
more comments on the same PS krithi.

CharaNam 1:
Birammanum indhiranum manathil poRaamai koLLa kaNNanai
Uralil katti vaai poththi kencha vaiththa thaayE- nee- enna

Meaning of charaNam 1: The creator of worlds, the brahma, the king of
dhevaas, the Indhra- these people envy with you, oh! YasOdhaa!! on your
extra ordinary capacity in making that Lord krishna subdued - that kutti
kaNNan subdued - you are able to subdue him, by tying him in the mortar, as
a sort of punishment, made him to keep quiet by putting a finger on the
mouth. To  get the release from this punishment, he also started begging to
you for pardon- to make that Lord do all this, what was the kind of penance
you did oh! YasOdhaa!! Why not enlighten us on that thavam.

Comment: Tears, are they not flowing from your eyes in that marvelous joy of
seeing that scene on your mental screen / plane, if you visualise such a
scene, that krishna is tied in mortar, begging to mother and she says
"chup"- keep quiet. Why brahma and indhra alone to become jealous about
yasOdha? What about you and me on her bhaagyam to have that Lord goes
begging before the mother.

In tamil, there is a quote by "unknown" which reads, 
"chiththiram enpathu kaNNaal paarkkum kavithai, 
Kavithai enpathu padiththu paarkkum chiththiram"

Put in other words this is
"kavithai enbathu sol kEttaarku poruL kaNkoodaathal, 
chiththiram enbathu kaNNaal paarththOrku porul kaNkoodaathal"- 

meaning- the painting or picture or sketch (Oviyam) is a poem for the eyes
and a poem is a painting which is to be read and heard for enjoyment. See
that scene in your mind- that chiththiram- it is a kaNNaal paarkkum
kavithai- kaNNanE oru kavithai- akkavithai thaayin mun kenchuvathu maRRoru
kavithai- krishna himself is a poem- begging before mother another poem - it
is a poem's poem- definitely you will also get that jealousy on mother
yasOdha's bhaagyam.

That is the "jeevan"- life of this PS song- make you visualise this 'uralil
katti vaai poththi genja vaiththa' scene.

Why brahma and Indhraa got that jealousy on mother yasOdhaa is beautifully
explained by Sri Bhattaththiri in his NaaraayaNeeyam

Yadhya paasa sugamO vibhO bhavaan samyatha: kimu sapaasayaanayaa!
Evam idhi dhivijairabhishtuthO! Vaathanaatha! paripaahi maam gadhaath!! 
47 - 10

Meaning: "Oh! All pervading being, if thou art easy of attainment only by
those without paasa, the binding cords of desire, how yasOdhaa with a paasa
been able to secure thee. Oh! lord of guruvaayoor! your glory was thus
praised in heaven. please cure my ailments". 

Comment: See the pun with the word paasa here- paasa means rope, desire.
That "engum nirai para bhrahmam" wants us to shirk the paasa -desire, to
show himself, but he gets tied down by that same paasa -rope- by our paasa -
desire on him. So mother yasOdha by her paasa -desire tied him easily with
paasa the ropes also, because she has no other desire except him.  His glory
was praised in heaven that land of the dhEvaas, this glory created that envy
on mother yasOdhaa. That was visualised by PS, and he attributed that envy
to Brahma and indhra because they are the leaders of the envy group,
presented to us. Is PS krithi not simple and yet contain so much meaning in

This also brings into that great kuraL into focus here. 
PaRRuga paRRu aRRaan paRRai appaRRai 
paRRuga paRRu vidaRku.
PaRRu - catch, feet, desire. 
Viduthal is leaving or shirking. 
ARRaan - one who has snapped the ties. 
I just leave the kuraL meaning for you to link the meaning and with PS

CharaNam 2:
Sanakkaadhiyar thava yOgam seithu varunthi saadhiththathi 
punitha maathE eLithil pera nee - enna

Meaning of charaNam 2: The rishis and sons of brahma, namely sanakar,
sananthanar, sanandhar, sanathkumaarar et al did strain a lot, by doing lot
of penance and got that Krishna darsana sowbhaagyam. But you, Holy lady!
simply got all these so easily. Tell us, what is that penance you did? 

Comment: PS says, "these Sanaka and others suffered and then got as a fruit
for their suffering his dharsanam and consequent benefits, but, oh!
yasOdhaa! You got it so easily. 

See she also repents for doing a mistake, relents for committing a sin, of
sending that supreme Lord to graze the calves. That self repentance gave the

KanRin pin eNNarkariyaanai pOkkinen! ellE paavamE!- 3-2-4 periyaazhvaar
KanRin pin dheivaththalaivanai pOkkinEn! ellE paavamE! - 3-2-5 periyaazhvar

Meaning: Oh! I sent that supreme person, who is beyond comprehension of the
mind, to graze the calves, I sent that Lord of the dhevaas to graze the
calves, I committed such great sin. 

She has fully realised who has come as her son. At times she forgets that
aspect and think kaNNan as her son So she commands him for grazing the
calves but sudenly realises that mistake. Then repents for that- having sent
that Lord of Lords to graze the calves which he also obeyed so easily. 

See another repent
Nee poigai pukku nanju umizh naagaththinOdu
PiNangavum naan uyir vaazhnthirunthEn- periyaazhvaar 3-4-6

Meaning: Oh my son! When you entered that pond where that kaaLiyan that
venomous snake spitting poison was there- after seeing my son got into such
an enormous trouble I was living, did not die instantaneously.

Perhaps these repenting for the sins committed [is it? Or that thaaip paasam
leads to sauy this?] gave that release to have him and enjoy him and then
get that title "punitha maathE"- revered mother!

Besides this she also did another good thing to get all that good fortune
"kadal kadainthu amudham koNdu kalasaththai niRaiththaarpOl 
udal urugi vaai thiranthu maduththu unnai niRaiththukkoNdEn 
- 5-4-4 periyazhvaar
Meaning: I did one good thing, like that pot was filled with the nectar,
after a lot of churning of the milk ocean, with lot of difficulties, I also
painfully did suffer with this body, opened the mouth to pour in your name
and fame, and, thus got filled with, entirely "you" oh! Krishna! 

Then, is she not a revered mother, deserving that bhagyam. "enna thavam
seidhanai"- this is that thavam of filling him, through the mouth into the
mind and filling the entire body, mind and soul. "En eNNaththOdu kalantha
ezhilan" anthak kaNNan says Ooththukkadu Venkata subbu Iyer.

KaNNaa! and yasOdhaa! Please come before me, kanRum passuvum pOl enakku
kaatchi thaa!

Perhaps now you all understand why I said this a magnificient krithi by all
standards.  We will continue with the other two krithis in next post.

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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