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Invitation for Sri.Vishnu Sahasranama Akhanda Parayanam in Srirangam

From: S.Parthasarathy (
Date: Sun Sep 24 2000 - 15:35:33 PDT

Srimathe' Sri LakshmiNrusimha Parabrahmane' Namaha:
Srimathe' Sri LakshmiNruSimha Divya Paadukaa Sevaka Sri Vann Satagopa Sri
Naarayana Yatheendhar Mahaa Deikaaaya namaha:
Dear Bhagavathothamaas,

	 Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana Sabha , Srirangam
Invites  you all to participate in The 8th Annual Sri Vishnu Sahasranama
Akhanda Parayanam in Srirangam on 02.10.2000 (Monday, National Holiday ).

	The Akhanda Parayanam is scheduled from 6 A.m to 6 P.m on
02.10.2000 in Sri Padhmavathi Kalyana Mandapam , N0.6 , EVS Street,
Ranganagar, Srirangam Trichy-620006. 

	You may please download the formal Greetings along with this email
(gif file).

	This was started in 1993 with the sole aim of chanting the 1000
Divine Names Of Sri.ManNarayana.The geographical location of the chanting
place (Srirangam) adds a great importance in this context.This is the land
which had so many Alwars,Achaaryas and Bhagavathas.People of that caliber
still bless these occasions.

	The Sabha arranges lodging for all Bhaktas.The Akhanda Parayanam
is also marked by Dhadhiyaraadhanam which arranges its own Perumal
Prasadam on this day.

	Every Saturday Sabha organises a collective Vishnu Sahasranama
Parayanam once in Naathamunigal Sannithi In Srirangam temple and also It
organises a Procession along the Chithra Streets on every Ekaadasi.

	The sabha having a link with All India Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana
Mandali arranges to chant the same type of Akhanda parayanam in AAsthana
Mandapam of Tirumala to get His Divine Blessings.This is a no profit no
loss trip.

	Any body is free to arrange a chant of Sri Vishnu sahasranama
Stotram on any other day in their homes where all Bhagavatas chant the
same.This is being continued as a tradition right from 1993.

	For the coming Akhanda parayanam any queries regarding the same
are welcome .Please contact the Convenor of this Sabha 

	108, South Chithra Street,
	Trichy-620 006.

	Fones :  Office Sri.K.Raghunathan,(Product Engineer)-BHEL-Tricy.  
			+91 - 431 - 520234 ( 9.00 A.m to 4.00 P.m)

		Residence: +91 -431 - 431352
			   Preferably after 6.00 p.m  
All times are IST.	


I and Sri.K.Raghunathan are cousin Brothers and we are Grandsons of Late
Sri.C.V.Rajagopalachariar Swami (retd Science(Physics)Teacher,The Higher
Secondary School
for boys Srirangam)

I considered the chanting as my great Previlage in Srirangam.I was born
and brought up in Srirangam.Now I extremely feel for missing this great
occasion as I am here In IIT-Kanpur.

My outdoor feeling is nullified when I go thro all your postings.I start
my works after going thro all your postings and do the same when I finish.
Please Keep continuing posting of Sat' messages.

I am extremely sorry for this Late Invitation.

Daasa Daasoham

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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