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Periya Thirumozhi 10.8- naamam pala udai nAraNa nambhI

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Sep 24 2000 - 03:28:09 PDT


Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

KaNNapiraan, who had enjoyed being with aayar paadi girls, go away from each 
of them for a short time. They feel angry and have “oodal” with Him. He 
sneaks into their places in tiptoes. Through the girls’ angry words on 
KaNNan, let us enjoy AzhwAr's yet another excellent ten

1. With the studs adoring Your ears, with the dress in dark colour, having a 
garland of thuLasi, densely placed together, (with such a delay in Your 
coming) why have You come from the back doors and are standing here? What is 
this deed! What is it! what is it! (idhuven idhuvennO!)

2. With that beautiful red dress, gently shaking a small flower with stem ( 
“cheNdu”), placing His flute (dissembled into two pieces) at His waist, 
wearing a top (utthiriyam- above the dress) around His waist strongly and 
tightly, - He is standing here at the door- who is He? What is it! What is 

3. The One who has Garuda in Your flag! Unparalleled and unsurpassed One who 
can ride on that GarudA! You, while having your sleep (kaLLat thuyil) as an 
infant, kicked the sakatAsuran and finished him off with Your Feet! In order 
to allure those who are born as females, You have entered into our home, at 
this part of the night, humming an enticing tune. What is it! What is it

4. naamam pala udai nAraNa nambhI!
thaamath thuLavam miga naaRiduginReer!
Kaamanenap paadi vandhillam pugundheer!
yEmatthidhuven indhven idhuvennO?

Sriman NarayanA! The One who has thousand names, each one is so blemishless 
and so divine! You are standing with the divine fragrance of Your thuLasi 
garland enchanting our olfactory nerves. You have come like the handsome 
Manmathan and are singing so mellifluously. What have You entered into the 
house, singing at this time (at night)? What is it! What is it!

5. With the dark beautiful, curly black tresses are hugging aimlessly around 
the nape of your neck (the mane not looked after properly), with the sword 
placed around the waist, the Divine Body, adorned with the invaluable 
ornaments, why have You entered into our backyard, standing with such a 
mischievous smile on Your face? What is it! What is it!

6. The cowherd boys, (who rear the cattle), the cows are all not at this 
place; they are somewhere else- when such is the case, holding the most 
victorious Bow in Your resplendent Hand, ogling at those who go out and stay 
in- why are You entering secretly? For those who do not know what is the 
pleasure of being united, what is the point in being here? What is it! What 
is it!

7. Oh MaNavaaLa piLLaay, the strong shouldered One who fought against the 
wrestlers (“mallar”)! Last night when we united with You, we have understood 
about You. Never ever you inform us as to when you would be back; nor do You 
come at the time if and when You promise that you would come. Always late. 
Why are you going leaving us at the right time (without staying longer)? Why 
are you not coming back at the correct time (when you promise). How have You 
come in now sheepishly, without any shame?

8. Oh most pristinely purest Lord! The One who jumped into the pond, and 
caught hold of the deadly poisonous snake, rotating it with Your Hand! We do 
not think that we are any way useful for You. There are many Consorts who 
are suitable, and most eligible for You. You have made them chief of Your 
consorts (patta mahishIs). ( Then why are You here?)  What is it! What is 

9. Periya PiraaTTi, BhUmi PiraaTTi- they are all searching for You; You left 
them and have danced with these feminine cowherd girls. Oh most Handsome 
One! One of our girls is yelling: “my friend! Who let Him in? What is it! 
What is it!”?

10. This ten is on the words spoken by the cowherd girls on KaNNan, the 
lotus eyed Lord, for having failed to come as promised at night. It is 
composed by Kaliyan who has strong shoulders more solid than stone. Those 
who recite them, praising the Lord, will be blessed to live happily with no 
Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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