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Periya Thirumozhi 10.7- Liar, Cheater, reservoir of KaLLatthanam"- That is He.

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Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 06:45:30 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Gone are the days when the veNNai (butter) alone was found missing. Now in 
addition to butter, the young girls are also found missing in aayarpaadi. 
The cowherd women come to YashodhA and complain. She also talks to them. 
AzhwAr is giving an excellent narration thereby on the converstation. Let us 
enjoy the Thirudan’s leelAs.

1.	“KaNNA! Your kulam (aayar kulam) is well known. Hence, do not act lowly 
with other girls”- I pleaded to Him. I never talk harsh word to Him; nor 
does Nandhan speak. Oh women folks! What can I do? He is churing curd along 
with one girl in that eastern house, it appears (in spite of all my sermon)

2.	Early morning, I was out in the street for selling butter milk. KaNNan 
was coming opposite. I was worried as to what He was upto. Except for the 
most fragrant haired KaNNan, the son of NandhagOpan, none else entered into 
my house. Oh YashOdhA! Come and see what KaNNan has done. Not only the 
butter! All ten pots of milk also are missing from their pots. What can this 
paapi do now? What can I do?

3.	This little Boy, who has crystal clear mouth due to the nectar that keeps 
flowing out in His mouth as sulliva- after eating, with both his hands, the 
entire butter, which was like a silver heap inside the pot, He (pretends) 
sleeps, hiding His mischief. The Hands are full of butter and Ghee. The 
stomach is so huge as if it is capable of retaining all seven worlds; This 
fool- (I), what can I do? (Tell me).

4.	The dark, spear like eyed beautiful lady’s son- Balaraman is of white 
Conch like colour. He has divine resplendent ThirumEni. This Boy’s 
(KaNNan’s) elder Brother is He. This Balaraman had grown here so nicely. He 
never used to such mischief. This KaNNan is full of great qualities like 
telling lies. Cheater; Reservior of “KaLLatthanam” (mischief); what a way he 
crawls! (so gracefully!) Such ParipooraNan (Fullest person, with all Bad 
qualities in their entirety)- with Him here at Ayyarpaadi- how can we 
(cowherd folks) get saved (!). What can I do? What can I do?

5.	Oh YashOdhA! This girl’s father did not enter into the house; nor was I 
at home. There were no girl friends too at home. My young girl- who has 
fragrant flower in her hair- was playing with a ball- This KaNNan went to 
her place (where she was playing) and snatched away the ball, and tore her 
dress too. What can we do on this son of Nandha gOpan (he, being our chief). 
What can I do? What can I do?

6.	Oh YashOdhA! The Divine consort of BhUmi PiraaTTi- The Naayakan of Periya 
PiraaTTi, seated on the Lotus flower- the little darling of NandhagOpan- 
Sarva sEshI- such Greatest KaNnan- last night came to our place where our 
huts are, blowing a small leaf, rolled as flute. After that my girl’s 
situation is: her lotus like eyes have become ruddy, and tired; her breasts 
appear engorged; her lotus mouth appears pale; her complexion has become 
pale. What can I do? What can I do?

7.	Your son- what did He do? During the festival celebrated for thousand 
eyed Indra, there were thousands of food items in huge vessels, brought in 
bullock carts for offering to DevEndran. You son, went there, took huge form 
and finished all items of food taking them in both hands and gulped them all 
and he stood as if He had not done anything at all.

8.	YashOdhA tells them..”Those cowherd folks come to me saying “the just 
fermented fresh curd, the freshly melted Ghee- the milk, will all be drunk 
from each of its container by KaNNan”. I get terribly embarrassed and tell 
Him.. “Please do not do any such mischief”. I cannot even scold Him, women 
folks! I am afraid of scolding Him, after His drinking the breast milk of 

9.	This ParipoorNan- the strongest child- the most Handsome Boy- on the 
seventh day after His birth, I made Him (adorned with the garland made of 
dense petals ) sleep and went to yamuna river for taking bath. This infant- 
the most Youthful Lord, who has Sri vathsam and PiraaTTi in His Chest, 
kicked with His small Foot, a giant wheel (sakatAsuran)- that crawled 
towards Him, like a mountain -and crushed the same to pieces. After being 
aware of such strength of this Boy’s, I am afraid of scolding Him.

10.	Oh women folks! I am afraid of even calling Him addressing His mischief. 
KaNNA! The boys of your age- for their consumption, the ghee is filled in 
1000 vessels and not even 50% is available now due to Your eating. Kamsan is 
also very cruel. The tax that is to be paid to him is due in next eight 
days. I do not have any other savings (of butter) too. Your acts are 
terribly hurting my heart KaNNA. what can I do? What can I do?

11.	KaNNA! NambhI! Why should you act like that towards cowherd girls also? 
When they go for taking bath in that lotus pond, you went behind, hide 
yourself and took away their clothes. When such narrow waisted girls asked 
for their clothes back, “Oh beautiful girls! You come and take from my 
place” and climbed to the treetop. (KaNNA! yENdaa ippadi yellaam paNNRE!)

12.	This Boy is not afraid or scared of anything. He is full of masculinity 
and bravery. Since I am His darling mother who looks after Him lovingly 
(ucchi mOndhu), He is not telling me anything. Today what He has done is: He 
climbed on top of Kadambha tree and jumped into a water reservoir, and 
fought with the terribly venomous 1000 mouthed KaaLingan snake, that exhales 
poison and came back.

13.	KaNNA, the One who gives me pride! Why should You do those acts that 
others can not even dream of (leave alone doing). Seeing such hair raising 
deadly acts of Yours- how can I bear (for having had You in my womb- (peRRa 
vayiRu) – what can I do? You are playing with the ruddy eyed, dark bulls, 
(which make thunderous roars sending shivers through all seven worlds), in 
that ever-beautiful garden.

14.	The One who walks like the beautiful Swan- the feminine YashOdhA-, 
narrated worriedly beating her stomach (vayiRRil aditthu), with utter 
helplessness, was so scared and afraid of fearsome, deadly act of killing 
the huge dark strong elephant Kuvalayaapeetam by the most beautiful, 
strongest KaNNan- is sung by Kaliyan, king of Thirumangai, (surrounded by 
tall strong ramparts), praised by one and all for his guNAs. Those who 
recite (or read) this 14 pAsurams will have ABSOLUTELY no grievance or 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE saraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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