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Sri HayagrIva sthOthram: Part XVII-SlOkam 7

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Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 18:51:23 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya Nama:

Dear BhakthAs of Lord HayagrIvA : 

In the seventh slOkam , Swamy Desikan
declares that all those Gods and Rishis
reputed for their powers of knowledge
shine only because of possessing a mere
fraction of Lord HayagrIvaa's prowess as
a VidhyA Moorthy.

The seventh slOkam containing these thoughts 
is as follows:

" DhAkshiNya ramyA Girisasya Moorthy:
  dEvi SarOjAsana dharma Pathnee
  vyAsadhayOpi vyapadEsaya vaacha:
  spuranthi sarvE tava sakthilEsai:"

(meaning ): The pretty-to-behold(ramyA)form
of KailAsanAthan (GirIsan)known as DakshiNAmUrthy ,
the "Goddess of Learning " and the wife of 
Brahma Devan with the name of Sarasvathi  
having the white lotus as Her abode and even 
Sage VyAsA and others famous for their powers of
divine Vaak --all of them derive their Saarasvatham
( power of divine speech )from  a mere fragment of
the power of the Adhi VidhyA Moorthy, Lord HayagrIvan.

Lord HayagrIvan is recognized here as
the "SarvArtha Tatthva VyAkhyAtha "
( the expositor of the comprehensive meanings 
of all tattvams )and "chathu: shashti KalAdhipan"
( the Master of all the 64 kalaikaL). As such , He 
is the source of all Jn~Anam . Even great ones 
reputed for their powers of knowledge owe it
to Lord HayagrIvan for their high status ,
since they have been blessed with a tiny portion
of the power of VidhyA of Lord HayagrIvan . They
have been empowered by a tiny fraction of the full
power of the Aadhi VidhyA Moorthy , Lord HayagrIvan.
He is the "Sarva VedAthmakO VidhvAn , Veda-
VedAntha Paaraga:, Sarva Saasthrakruth " .He is
the Sarva VaagIsvarEsvaran" ( Lord of all gods 
of Learning ). He is asEsha Veda Roopan . He is 
YathArtha Jn~Ana dhAyakan . His mere katAksham
confers visEsha Jn~Anam .

Swamy Desikan's inspiration for this slOkam 
might have come from one of the slOkams of
Sri HayagrIva Prapathti :

"vijy~Ana dhAna praTithA jagathyAm vyAsadayO
 vaagapi DakshiNA saa 
 yadhveekshaNaamsa aahitha VaibhavAstham dEvam
 HayagrIvam aham prapadhyE "

This slOkam recognizes that Lord HayagrIvan
celebrated for His VidhyA dhAnam confers
such blessings favorably on great rishis 
like VyAsA by His VeekshaNa vaibhavam ( power
of KatAksham alone). 

In the seventh slOkam , Swamy Desikan adds 
two more celebrities besides VyAsa BhagavAn ,       
who have been the beneficiaries of such anugraham 
that made them possess immense powers of VidhyA . 
These two besides Sage VyAsaa are Lord DakshiNA 
Moorthy and Devi Sarasvathi.

The foremost among those blessed with VidhyA
dhAnam is "DaakshiNya ramyA Girisasya Moorthy:".
He is the One , who sits under a golden banyan tree .
He teaches the highest truth as He understood it
from Lord Hayagrivan to the four rishis ,
Agasthyar, Pulasthyar , Dakshar and MarkaNdEyar.
This lovable and Youthful form of Ahirbudhnyan
(Parama Sivan) is DakshiNA Moorthy , who is
looking southward (DakshiNa disai) like Lord RanganAthA .
One of the AzhwArs describes this DakshiNA
Moorthy ( favorably disposed Moorthy , when it
comes to the upadEsam of TatthvArthams) this way:

" aala nizhark keezh aRa neRiyai naalvarkku
  mElaiyuhatthu uraitthAn meyt tavatthOn "

(meaning): Under the sprawling Banyan tree sat 
this youthful MahA purushan of great austerity 
and He instructed the four eminent older
sages about the esoteric tatthvArthams through 
the medium of mounam (silence).

This vidhyA Moorthy owes his power of
" Nikila samsaya haraNa naipuNyam "
(Expertise in the removal of all doubts about 
tatthvams)from his AchAryan , Lord HayagrIvan and
goes on to instruct the four great Rishis
and others. That power arose from imbibing
a fraction of the power(sakthi-lEsam) of His Lord , 
Sri HayagrIva BhagavAN.

The second beneficiary of Lord HayagrIvA's
anugruham is Devi Sarasvathi :" Devi SarOjAsana 
dharma pathnee ". She is the wife of Lord BrahmA 
seated on the red lotus arising out of the navel of
the Lord .She is  Pusthaka DhAriNi ( a book 
on Her hand) and has a japa malai on the other
hand reciting perhaps Sri HayagrIva manthram .
She is seated on a white lotus like Her AchAryan.

The third beneficiary is VyAsa BhagavAn .Swamy 
Desikan salutes Sage VyaasA's celebrated 
Vidvath with the words "Vyapadesya Vaacha:"
( those with most laudable power of Vaak) .

Swamy Desikan includes others sages like
ParAsarar ( the author of VishNu PurANam )
and VaalmIki ( author of the Aadhi Kaavyam)
with the use of the word , "VyAsadaya: sarvEpi"
( Sage VyaasA and others ). They all shine as
great repositories of learning and wisdom due
to the possession of a mere fragment of
the power of Lord HayagrIvan , their AchAryan.

Swamy Desikan declares here that " SarvE tava 
sakthi-lEsai: spuranthi" . Swamy Desikan 
states that all great ones known for their
Vaak siddhis shine only through the absorption of
a speck of the matchless VidhyA-blessing power of
Lord HayagrIvan . Swamy Desikan cites 
Lord DakshiNA Moorthy, Devi Sarasvathi
and VyAsaadaya: as examples of such great
souls blessed by Lord HayagrIvan.

Sri Hayavadhana ParabrahmaNE Nama:
Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan   




           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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