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Re: Sri Hayagriva SthOthram : Part XV-> SlOkam 5 :Part 2

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 17:35:18 PDT

Sri Hayavadhana ParabrahmaNE nama:
Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 

Dear Sri HayagrIva BhakthAs :

In the previous posting , adiyEn referred to
the power of the Sri HayagrIva manthram in
the context of the SambhAshaNam (conversation)
between Brahma Devan and Sage NaaradhA. adiyEn
referred to the prapatthi performed by Swamy
Desikan  to that "VaaghIsAkhyA VAASUDEVASYA MURTHY:".
Additional reference was made to the "chathur Veda 
Vandhanam " housed in the fifth slOkam 

The Fifth slOkam housing the SaraNAgathi of 
Swamy Desikan is as follws:

" Visuddha Vig~yAna ghana SvarUpam 
  vig~yAna visrANana Bhaddha dhIksahm 
  DayAnidhim dehabruthAm SaraNyam 
  Devam HayagrIvam-aham prapadhyE "

As referred to earlier , this prapatthi slOkam can be 
split in the following four ways patterned after 
" a chathur vEda vanthanam " format :

1. Visuddha Vij~ynana ghana SvarUpam Devam HayagrIvam
   aham prapadhyE .

2. Vij~nana VisRANana Bhaddha DhIksham Devam HayagrIvam
   aham prapadhyE .

3. DayAnidhim Devam HayagrIvam aham prapadhyE .

4. dEha BruthAm SARANYAM Devam HayagrIvam aham prapadhyE .

The refrain of " Devam HayagrIvam aham prapadhyE " is 
like " a ChathurvEda Vandhanam " to the Lord of Supreme 
divine Knowledge .These salutations are steeped deeply 
in Upanishadic teachings . We will study each of these 
four salutations now:

1. Visuddha Vij~yAna ghana SvarUpam devam
   HayagrIvam aham prapadhyE .

"Visuddha" means the purest of the pure ; " Vij~yna ghana 
SvarUpam " refers to the divine Jn~Anam filled SvarUpam
of Lord HayagrIvan.There are lot of subtelities between
the concepts "rUpam, SvarUpam and dhivyAthama svarUpam
and their relation to Suddha Satthvam". AdiyEn would 
like to share with you the input of Sri Hari regarding
these concepts: " The SvarUpam is not Suddha satthvam.
latter is an achith tatthvam. Only the rUpam is 
Suddha satthvam. This rUpam is called dhivya rUpam. 
But the dhivyAthmA is SvarUpam. The SvarUpam is
Samastha-chith-achith -vilakshaNam. It is 
the sathyathva-jn~Anathva-ananthathva-aanandhathva-
amalathva-svarUpa-nirUpaka-dharma -visishta-dharmi".

The choice words chosen by Swamy Desikan ,
"Visudhda Vij~yna-gana svarUpam" thus pays tribute
to this dhivyAthma svarUpam of the Lord."Visuddha" 
means completely free from any imperfection (amalathvam). 
"Vijy~anam" means Knowledge and in this context 
refers to the dhivya Jn~Anam , which has visuddhi.
That Visuddha Vijy~anam is ghanam or this dhivyAthma
svarUpam of the Lord is replete or fully filled
with Visuddha Vijy~nam.Swamy Desikan recognizes 
that the dhivyAthma svarUpam is in the form of
parisuddha jn~Anam.To that dhivyAthma SavrUpi,
Lord HayagrIvan, Swamy Desikan offers his prapatthi
( Visuddha Vijy~ana ghana svarUpam dEvam HayagrIvam
aham prapadhyE ).

2. Vijy~na visrANana bhaddha dhIksham dEvam
HayagrIvam aham prapadhyE :

Lord HayagrIvan has taken a vow (vratham) 
to bless those who perform prapatthi unto 
Him with this visEsha jn~Anam (Vijy~nam) .
He is therfore Vijy~na VisrANan . Swamy Desikan
offers therfore his  prapatthi to the VeLLai
Parimukhan , who is a treasure house of Dayaa.

3.DayAnidhim dEvam HayagrIvam aham prapadhyE:

In the third vandhanam, Swamy singles out this 
unparalleled dayA svarUpam of the Lord by
addressing Him as DayA nidhi.His anugraham 
is "KaruNAmbOdhau utthitham " ( arising out of 
His ocean of Dayai).He is the KarunA VaruNAlayam.
One can relate this unparalleled Daya having  
the effect of "SamsAra ThAriNI" or lifting us 
out of the ocean of samsAram and landing 
us on the other(safe) shore of SamsAram .In the 15th 
slOkam of DayA sathakam , Swamy Desikan will 
indicate later that the GuNAs like Jn~Anam, 
Bhalam, Isvaryam ,Veeryam , Sakthi will be nothing 
but dhOshams , when they are bereft of the Lord's
DayA guNam. The katAksham of that DayA Nidhi 
results in the chEthanan attaining Moksha 
siddhi without any effort ( apavargam 
akrushttapacchyam anubhavathi ).This DayA
Saarvabhouman blesses even the aparAdha 
ChakravarthIs to have the freedom from
the cycles of births and deaths through
the conferral of visuddha Vijy~Anam . 

4. dEhabruthAm SaraNyam dEvam HayagrIvam
aham prapadhyE .

dEha BruthAm means janthus  or prANikaL 
or sarIrins whether they have have two feet 
or more .The root Bhru means to possess or have.
dEha BhruthAm means those posssessing a body 
(corporeal) which includes chEthanAs of 
every kind .The story of Gajendran as
a dEha Bruth attaining mOksham through
SaraNAgathi comes to mind here.

Lord HayagrIvan of "Visuddha Vijy~Ana
ghana svarUpam " in His role as  "vijy~Ana-
VisrANanan" becomes the Sarva Loka SaraNyan  
or the avowed , unfailing protector for all
"dEha bruthAm". Swamy Desikan offers his
Prapatthi to this SaraNyan as a dEha bruth
and seeks the conferral of the dhivya Jn~Anam 
leading to anAvrutthi ( non-return to the 
SamsAric world).

Thus ends the fifth slOkam , where 
Swamy Desikan performs prapatthi 
to Lord HayagrIvan. 

Namo Sri LakshmI HayagrIva Para BrahmaNE ! 
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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