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Protect _ Srirangam Temple

From: A.Krishnamachari (
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 07:13:06 PDT

Dear Sri Vaishnavas , The following is an appeal by the Srirangam Temple Heritage Protection Committee ,Srirangam .Please read through .

Srirangam Temple Heritage Protection Committee Formation and its Objectives

"Thou are the Ocean of Kindness worshipped by the supreme Goddesses Sri Ranganachiyar & Sri Bhoomadevi and great Saints like Manu in Divyadesams (Holy Places) such as Srirangam , Kanchipuram , Tirupati ,Tirunarayanapuram Etc. Whenever there is a threat to the Divyadesams(The Lord's Nithyavasasthalam in Bhoolokam)- YOU SHALL DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES  WITH YOUR SUPREME POWER" says Sloka 24 of Abidisthavam .

There is such a threat to all Divyadesams and especially so to the Great Srirangam temple (The foremost among all divyadesams also known as Bhooloka Vaikuntam) as the age old Customs & Traditions of the TEMPLE are followed more in breach than in observance.

In order to uphold the glorious tradition of the great Srirangam temple as laid down by our Venerable preceptors , act as a forum for the worshippers to voice their grievances regarding non observance of Customs and procedures and also act as an advisory body , a committee by the name of Srirangam Temple Heritage Protection Committee (hereafter known as STHPC) is proposed to be formed on the Pavitrothsava Sathumurai day , the 17th of September 2000 ,Sunday at Sri Lakshminarasimha Bhavanam ,East Uttara street,Srirangam .

The executive body of STHPC shall consist of a panel of knowledgeable members who are experts in Agama rituals ,Srirangam temple customs & traditions , History of Srirangam ,Epigraphy , Temple architecture etc.STHPC will also be guided by memebers of the judiciary .The STHPC will send a quarterly status report regarding the activities to all members .

The membership is open to all .We request one and all to join STHPC and strengthen our efforts .The one time membership fee to join STHPC has been fixed as Rupees 51/= .Membership fee may please be sent by MO/DD drawn in favour of " SRIRANGAM TEMPLE HERITAGE PROTECTION COMMITTEE",Payable at Srirangam and sent to the Secretary STHPC ,214 East Uttara street,Srirangam ,Trichy - 620 006 . Kindly do not send any outstation cheques .For further details please contact us at

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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