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what was that you did?

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 03:01:02 PDT

Dear sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer, 

"My son, having born through me, is expected to solve the problems, coming
in the way of my pithrukkaL's and mine, to enable us to reach swargam
easily, being relieved from the claws of the "puth" naragam. That is why he
is called puthran". This is the general statement as per saasthrams for all
of us mortals. 

If para vaasudhEvan, that supreme Lord himself, who is that ultimate problem
solver and the solution, for all ills in this and all other worlds, is the
puthran for a set of human beings, what sort of relief will he give to his
parents [or what are all the benefits the parents will get from such a

Is it only relief from the "puth" naragam or moksham or something else. 

I feel, it may be something more valuable, than that relief from puth or
moksham. That something else is that, their name will always remembered
along with the name of the Lord, as long as that Lord is meditated on or
thought about in this world. Is this the greatest bhagyam in this world or
that moksham in that world. 

Note: [please do not pick up a thread for another controversy that I am
belittling moksham and those aspiring for that moksham by becoming
prapannaas. It is usual practice to praise one thing a little more, to show
that is more important to the context than any other thing. The same style
is adopted here]

So is it a wonder, if somebody addresses that parent with a question "what
is that you did to beget such a son?" or "what is that penance you did to
beget such a son?", who got that para vaasudhEvan as his or her son like
King dhasaratha or vasudhEvar, dhEvaki or YasOdhaa. Can some body really
quantify, what is that thavam or penance, or, is it really possible to get
an answer. 

See the lines below, here the mother, not even that father is showered with
such accolades. This song is by Sri Papanaasam Sivan in raaga kaapi- a song
marvel, from a person who passed away recently. 

Whenever I read or hear this song, [sung even by a learner- an absolute
kaththuk kutti] my eyes swells with spring of tears, for it is about my pet
kutti kaNNan and the song is enriched with so much meaning in it. 

Enna thavam seidhanai- yasOdhaa
Engum nirai parabhrahmam ammaa enru azhaikka - enna

EerEzhu bhuvanangaL padaiththavanai kaiyil Enthi 
Seeraatti paal ootti thaalaatti vaLarkka nee - enna

CharaNam 1:
Bhirammanum indhiranum manathil poraamai koLLa kaNNanai
Uralil katti vaai poththi kencha vaiththa thaayE- nee- enna

CharaNam 2:
Sanakkaadhiyar thava yOgam seithu varunthi saadhiththathi 
punitha maathE eLithil pera nee - enna

Now see another krithi from a different author, but the pith and substance
is same proclaimation, "Oh! YasOdhaa!! What is that penance you did to beget
such a child". See the Ambujam krishna krithi in raagamaalika 

Pallavi &anu pallavi in Raaga - Kalyani

paNNiya puNNiyam yadhu ammaa adhaip
parinthu emakku ingu koorammaa - paNNiya

paarkadal paambu aNai viduththup paraman un
madi aduththup paal uNNa yasOdhaa nee - paNNiya

CharaNam 1: in raaga keeravaaNi
kattith thayir veNNai kaaichchina paal vaiththuk
kaaththirunthEn ethir paarththu irunthEn
thatti vazhi maraiththu um sattith thayir veNNai
kottiyavan uNNa gOkulaththeer neevir- paNNiya

CharaNam 2: in raaga naatakurinji
eNNam enum izhaiyil paN malargaL thoduththuk
kaNNan kazhal saaththak kaaththirunthEn
paN isaiththu ummudan paal nilavil avan 
vaNNamaai viLaiyaada vanithaiyar neevir - paNNiya

CharaNam 3: in raaga lalithaa
thanjam thanjam enru thaaL malar paNinthum
konjamum ennidam dhayavu illaa gOvindhan
anjEl anjEl enru anru giri thaangi
anbudan adaikkalam thanthida aayar kulam - paNNiya

Read one more krithi from a different author, but the pith and substance of
this krithi is also again the same proclamation, "Oh! YasOdhaa!! What is
that penance you did to beget such a child". See the Ooththukkaadu Venkata
Subbu Iyer krithi in raaga ataaNaa

engum illaadhoru piLLai peRRaaL yasOdhai
ini mEl avaLukku enna kuRai?

Eduththuch chonnaal adhu oru abhachcharam
Endi namakkuL intha vivagaaram
Koduththu vaiththavan nandha gOpa maharaajan
Kulam engaNum nirai mangaLam udhavumpadi padhapankajam - engum

CharaNam 1:
Sankai illaadhu inthap piLLaip peRRuk koLLa
ThavangaL iyaRRiyathu eththanai
Thangu thadaiyinRi aasai niraivEra
Dhaana dharumangaL eththanai
Gangaiyum kaasiyum raamEsvaramumaai
Kanda kshEththirangaL eththanai?
Kai mEl palanaaga uRi veNNaith thayir paalum 
KaLavaadum neelach chamaththanai - engum

In the next post we will enjoy the meanings and some comments

Dhaasan M.G. Vasudevan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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