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Re: Keeping our tradition alive

From: Chakravartula Krishna (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 11:32:35 PDT

   srimate ramnujaya namaha

dear bhagawats,
adiyen has a few ideas regarding guru-shishya relation.

1. one concern that is expressed is that the guru-shishya relation is getting
narrower and shishya are not able to get their doubts clarified by our gurus
and so they are going to other places.

Good points are raised by RR and Very appropriate answers are given to this
point by venkatesh. Adiyen agrees that our acharyas have some prescribed
dueties to be followed as a guru. It is not that they are busy and so they 
cannot give their time to clarify our doubts. We should think from shishya's
point of view. adeyan feels that the responsibility more lies on the shishya
to clarify his doubt. If it is not possible to go the place where guru stays,
he can always write in letter and get the answers. This is a very practical
situation/limitation on shishya's part. (For detailed explanation ine has to
directly interact). One more thing is when somebody can go to other guru's why
not to ours'. For this proper understanding of the Sampradayam is needed. So,
adiyen feels that we should make sure that we all have the addresses of our
guru's with us, so that we can write to them. I am sure many firends of our
list have the address and some may not be having (me included). So adiyen
requests the members to post the addresses in the list (with websites if
possible) so that if anybody wants to write to guru's they can. 

2. Coming to attracting talents people to our fold for the cause taken up by
Sri Ramanuja what do we  have in store?

For this let us first mentally prepare ourself , by saying that yes we are
ready for this challenge. Then lets us proceed furthur...

Adiyen feels there are many more idea's in stores(in our minds), just one


Another idea is that we should form a group and conduct some quizes kind of
things in schools. For the prize winners we will give some books related to
our sampradayam as presentations (we can also give for others but something
less). This way awarness will increase gradually and it is upto
srimanNarayana's will and wish to drive some people into our group.

Adiyen strongly geels that perumal's and our acarya's blessing are with is in
all aspects. Adiyen has somemore ideas to comeout with in next mail.




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