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Re: Chella PiLLaiyE Vaarum

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 05:03:11 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya namah:
Dear Sri Vishnu,

MelkOttai kshEthram- ThirunArAyaNa puram:

It is on the way between Bangalore and Mysore (12 miles from Paandava puram 
Railway station) Buses go to top.

PerumAL: Moolavar: ThirunArAyaNan- Facing West.
Uthsavar: ChellappiLLai, Sampathkumar, Ramapriyar.
Thaayaar: Yadhugiri Nacchiyaar ;

At the Feet of PerumAL- Nacchiyaar Varanandhini (Bibi nacchiyar?).

Theertham: ashta theertham (KalyANi), dhanushkOti and Vedha pushkarani.
Vimanam: Anandha mayam (?)
Prathyaksham: Garudan

VisEsham: On the Hill, Nrusimhan, Desikan and Emperumaanaar can be 
"sEvicchufied". Sri Ramanjuar's most favourite sthalam. Nanjeeyer (sishya of 
Bhattar)'s avathara sthalam. ChANdilya Maharishi, with the anugraham of 
Bahagawaan, had a darshan of BadrIkAshrama PerumAL here and hence this 
kshEthram is called "dhakshiNa BadrIkashramam".

Thus, Those who can not go to Bardi can sEvicchufy" Badtri Narayanan here. 
One can get puNyam of having gone to Badri.

BrahmA gave this PerumAL vigraham to Raman and Rama's son Kuchan (not 
Lavan)had a daughter by name Kanaka maaligai was presented as a wedding gift 
and the descendent of her was VasudEvar who performed ArAdhanam to this 
PerumAL. Then Balaraman, KrishNan performed ArAdhanam says sthalapurANam.

Once, when VirOsanan (son of Prahalada) snatched away the crown of 
KsheerAbhdhi nAthan Sriman Narayanan (who was reclining,having His Yoga 
nithrA), Bhagawaan instructed GarudA to bring it back. GarudA won the fight 
with Virosanan and got back the crown,- saw Lord KrishNan on the earth and 
placed the crown on His Head. It did not fit properly. He placed on the 
ArAdhana PerumAL Sri Rama priyar (Balarama priyar?) it fitted perfect.

GarudA however took it back, narrated the whole thing to Bhagawaan, who in 
turn asked GarudA to place it on Sri Ramapriyar.

Since Garuda (VainathEyan) placed the kireetam (crown- Mudi), it is called 
Vaina + mudi- Vaina mudi, and later transforms (maruvi) to be called 
"Vairamudi". Even today, in the month of Panguni, Vaira mudi uthsavam is 
celebrated GRAND. (This is from Lifco book on 108 Divya Desams).

This Moolavar and sthalam is discovered by Ramanuja. (Is that true?)

Another incident: When Sulthan took the wealth when he conquered, he took 
this Sri Rama priyar too along with him. He gifted to his daughter. She feel 
in love with the beauty of PerumAL and converses with Him. When Ramanuja 
came to know later, he went to Delhi, met Sulthan, explained him the 
divinity of PerumAL, and asked for Him. Sulthan was convinced and told 
YathirAjar, "please take Him from my daughter. If she says okay, it is fine 
for me.". Ramanuja went to her harem and saw Him in her place. Ramanuja 
called "Sella PiLLaiyE! Vaarum" (my) darling Lord! Come!) Lo and behold! He 
started walking to Ramanujar and climbed on his lap.

Happily Ramanuja came back to ThirunArAyaNa puram and consecrated the 
PerumAL. Unable to bear the separation teh daugher also follwoed PerumAL and 
united with the Lord at His sannidhi. Even today, one can see "Kutti" 
(small) bigraham of Nacchiyar (Bibi Naachiyar) between His Feet who can not 
be separated from Him. (This I had heard only)
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakknnan


Can someone please write on the sthala purANam of ThirunArAyaNa puram?

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