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JET USA Chicago branch celebrates Vamana Jayanthi with Sudarsana Yagam

From: raghu M (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 11:43:55 PDT

Dear All,

With the Divine Blessings of HH Sri Sri Sri Tridandi
Sreemannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji,
Vikasa Tarangini- JET USA branch of Chicago met
yesterday (Sunday Sept 10th 2000) and celebrated
Vamana Jayanthi on the occasion of which
was conducted by Sri Venkatesh Iyengar Swamy at
Dr. Mani Akkineni's residence.

Next week a satsang will be conducted in Denver.
An update about the program will be sent out by
Sriman Mohan Sagar.

We are planning to conduct more such spiritual
events in future.

Contents below:
1. Who is Sudarsana (brief)
2. The Significance of Sri Sudarsana Yagnam
4. About the Yagnacharya: Sri S.Venkatesa Iyengar Swami

Sri Sudarsana is being worshiped as Paramapurusha
as  well as Ayudhapurusha.  As Parama Purusha, He
is Srimannarayana Himself  and as Ayudapurusha, He
is the supreme weapon (divine discuss) in the Holy
hands of  Sri Krishna. Lord Srimannarayana incarnated
as  Chakrapani and a famous temple is dedicated to
Sri Chakrapani in Tirukkudandai (Kumbakoonam in Tamil
Nadu). All Alwars and Acharyas pray  and praise Him
in their  pasurams/slokas.

2)The Significance of Sri Sudarsana Yagnam
Worshiping Lord Sudarsana through Sudarsana Homam
is in practice for thousands of years  to aid in
acquiring knowledge, wealth, health, long life,
and to remove obstacles in ones life. In the temples
of Srirangam, Kanchipuram, Tirumohur, Srivilliputtur,
Simhachalam, Badrachalam, and almost all the Vishnu
temples, worshiping Sri Sudarsana by performing Homam,
Abhisekam, and Archana is a very prominent  practice.

Sri Sudarsana is the Ayudha Raja that adorns the right
hand of Lord Narayana. He is always engaged in rescuing
deveotees. The episode of Ambareesha highlights this
quality. Sage Durvasa who was angry with the Lord's
devotee, Ambareesha for no reason, created a Shakthi
from a tuft of his hair and hurled it on to Ambareesha.
Lord  Sudarsana saved the devotee by killing the Shakthi.
The sage was also forced to ask for pardon from

Whenever Lord took incarnations in this world Sri
Sudarsana too took on Avatarams, sometimes visible
and yet other times invisible. In Varaha Avatara
he was present in the Lord's teeth and killed
Hiranyaksha. In Nrushima Avatara he was present in
the Lord's nails and killed Hiranyakasipu. When Lord
took the form of Parasurama he hid in his axe and
killed all the wicked  kings on this earth. When
Lord came down to this world as Sri Rama, Sudarsana
was present in his bow and killed Ravana. He was
visibly present as the discus in Lord Krishna's hand
and was used by Him in numerous occasions. Even during
Vamana Avataram He was present in the Lord's 'pavithra'
and blinded the rakshasa-guru Sukracharya when he tried
to stop Bali from granting the Lord's wish.

Sri Periyalvar experienced the Lord with the
Sudarsana in His hand that had blinded Sukracharya.
Sudarsana also means 'the one who shows the good and
right path that leads to the Lord'. Those who get
his blessings are sure to attain Moksha. Even the
Lord at times hands over the duty of taking care
of the universe to Sudarsana.  That shows the
greatness and importance of Sri Sudarsana.

Sudarsana sathakam was composed by Kura Narayana
Jeeyar who was a great disciple of Kurath Alwar.
Once Sri Tiruvaranga Perumala Ryer Swami suffered
from sickness and great pain. He used to recite
Divya Prabandham at Lord Sriranaganatha's sannidhi.
Seeing his unbearable pain, Koorath Alwar's wife
asked Sri Koora Narayana Muni to use his manthra
sashtra and remove his pain. As a result he composed
this Sudarsana Sathaka ( 100 poems in praise of
Sri Sudarsana).

There is another story which illustrates the greatness
of the Sudarsana Bhagavan. The king of Srirangapattanam
being jealous of Sri Ranganatha's Vaibhavam, ordered
an evil black magician to relieve the Lord of His power.
This magician started stealing the Lord's Vaibhavam in
a stealthy manner. Seeing the Lord, people were perturbed
and approached Sri Koora Narayana Muni for help.  The
black magician, as part of his procedure, ate the
Baliharanams offered on the temple altar. The Muni
having known this fact had the Baliharanam rice mixed
with black pepper. The magician was caught red-handed
the next day when the strong flavor of the pepper
melted his eye-tex and he lost his ability of being
invisible. The magician was forced to reestablish all
the Kalas of the Lord and was killed to avoid any similar
incidents in the future. The Jeeyar then recited these
Sudarsana slokas and regained his  Pavana Sakthi.

Sudarsana Bhagavan's grace will  help devotees in
attaining whatever they desire albeit good health,
wealth or prosperity.

The Sri Sudarsana Yagna is being performed as  prescribed
in the Vaikhasana Agama and  Ahirbudhniya  Samhita of Sri
Pancharatra Agama. Conducting one Sudarsana Yagna is equal
to conducting 10 yagnas of  any other kind dedicated to
others-like Navagrahas. It removes all doshas like
Sanidosham, Angaraha dosham, Rahu/ Ketu dosham.

4)About the Yagnacharya: Sri S.Venkatesa Iyengar Swami
The Sri Sudarsana Yagna will be conducted by
Sriman  S. Venkatesan Iyengar Swami. He was born in
1962 at Srirangam. He is the founder of Sri Sudarsana
Seva  Samiti, and residing at Bangalore in India. At
the very early age of 12 years, he learnt the entire
Nalaira Divyaprabandham  (the 4000 verses of Tamil
divine pasurams of  Alwars). Later he studied Sanskrit
Vyakarana and awarded Siromani title by Madras
University. He participated in the 108 yagnas
conducted by HH Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana
Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and later served as
Adhyapaka in the Sri Venkateswara Temple of Tirumala
Tirupati. Having inspired with the divine order of
Sri Ranganatha, and with the blessings of HH Sri Sri
Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, 108 Sri Sudarsana Yagnas
were successfully conducted (each yagna was conducted
for a minimum of 3 days and maximum of 12 days) all over
India and Nepal. In addition to these 108 yagnas, he
also  conducted about 210 Sri Sudarsana Homams of one
day  durations in India, Singapore, Malasiya, Hongkong,
United Kingdom,  France and Switzerland.  At present
he is the general Secretary of Vikasa Tarangini the
social service organization formed by HH Chinna Jeeyar
Swamiji. Sri Iyengar has come to USA to represent
Jeeyar Swamiji and participate in the Millieniem peace
summit of Religious and spiritual leaders organized by
United Nations in New York. It is our fortune to have
him here to lead and conduct the Sri Sudarsana Yagna.

Jai Sreemannarayana,
Raghu Ramanuja Dasa
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