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new member intro

From: Chakravartula Krishna (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 11:43:35 PDT

dear bhagawatas,

Adiyen, c. gopi krishna, am a new member. adiyen is very thankful to
srimanNarayana for giving me 
the sathbhudhi to join as a member of learned people and bhaktas.

adiyen,Gopi Krishna a srivaishnava, is presently working as a software
professional in TCS chennai, introduced to the list by vishnu.

I would like to share my point of view on workship of demi gods. It is
known to all that what ever pooja we do and to whom ever it reaches the
supreme lord
narayana, as he is antaryami to everything. So one may be of the opinion
that we need not (or) should not pray to demi gods. but adiyen feels 
that one should not use harsh words/show disrespect to others and hurt others
feeling who have deep
beleive in the demi gods. but at the same time one should not forget
the truth. As true followers of srivaishnavism we should understand the true
We should show to others that srimannarayana is the antaryami by sweet
words and not by harsh. We should maintain the unity of our religion as
mentioned by our friend

I really appretiate the idea of posting the english version of 
"Kurai ondrum illai", which is being transulated by Bhagyalaksmi garu.

One of the members said that a few members are very committed and there are
hundreds of similarly talented and commited youth going to other places. In
this aspect i want to remind that we 677 members in this mailing list and we
are should feel the responsibility then those 2-3 names mentioned by our
friend becomes 677. I am sure that everybody will agree with this point. Let
us all once again take the oath in this regard and actively participate in
what ever little or big way one can. I hope  i  have not hurt any body's
feeling. It so by mistake please forgive adiyen.

i have some more ideas and questions for next mail.



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