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Re: Doubts on Yajur Veda

From: Chandrashekaran Venkataraman (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 10:04:55 PDT

Dear Sri Sudharshan/Bhagawathas,
     There are mentions about Yaju Sakais in Srimad Vishnu Puranam too. Here
are the facts as per Vishnu Puranam:
The Acharya of yAgnavalkyar was not parAsarA but Sage vaiSampAyanar whose
name appears in the first portion of 
Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam.  vaiSampAyanar was the direct disciple of kr~shNa
dhvaipAyana vyAsA who we all know 
was son of Sage parAsarA. Also the story about the conflict between
yAgnavalkyar and vaiSampAyanar is slightly
different as mentioned by parAsarar in the puranam.. It goes thus:
     vaiSampAyanar and his peer sages take an oath to meet at a particular
time in mEru parvadham and also that
if anybody fails to make it will incur brahma hatthi dhOsham within a few
days. vaiSampayanar fails to make it at 
the right time and in a week when he touches a child, the child dies thus
incurring brahma hatthi dhOsham. Thereupon
he calls his disciples including yAgnavalkyar to undertake a vratham to
absolve their AchArya of the dhOsham. yAgnavalkyar
well known for his AchArya siSurushai, says "your other disciples are not
capable of doing this... I will by myself do
this and remove your dhOsham"... This enrages Sage vaiSampAyanar and asks
yAgnavalkyar to quit for causing disrespect to
his other disciples. This is the conflict that causes the guru-sishya to
part and this leads to compilation of shukla yajur
vedam by yAgnavalkyar, as per the puranam.
     Also interestingly the name "vAjasaneyaka samhita" for shukla yajur
vedam as mentioned by Sri Mani, is derived from 
the term "vAjam" which means horse. Since Surya bhagawan appeared in the
form of a horse and imparted the knowledge 
of this vedam to yAgnavalkyar, this name. Also it seems the pundits who
learn this are called "vAjis". These are mentioned
in Sri Vishnu Puranam.

     We will wait for Sri Vishal to write more on this...


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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