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Re: keeping our tradition alive

From: Sriram Ranganathan (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 19:49:33 PDT

Dear Members,

Most of the pseudo faiths/religions and their self-styled leaders advocate
and preach what the people want to hear. Not necessarily the facts and real
truths. And that is precisely why they command such a mass appeal and end up
being so popular - like some matinee idol or politician. Our Acharyas do not
and will not do this. They are not for the 'numbers game'. And we all know
Sri Vaishnavam was not built around forced proselytization, overt or covert.

Debating and objectively assessing our great tradition's philosophic
fundamentals, reach and other finer aspects are definitely a must for
preserving and practicing Sri Vaishnavam for many more ages. However, we
must NOT frequently resort to *compare and contrast* approach - Sri
Vaishnavam vis-a-vis every other faith - except to drive home a point or
while clarifying a philosophical difference.

On the other hand, we should focus on protecting, preserving and enriching
our temples, scriptures and culture. We ought to co-operatively work toward
creating more awareness within and outside our communities, facilitate
centers for learning, unconditionally help the weaker sections of the
society and carry on our tradition in the true spirit of love, bhakti, and
respect as has been practiced always.

I am reminded of Swamy Desikan's most beautiful and impeccable verses here.

		tvayi pravruttE mama kim prayAcai:|
			tvayappravruttE mama kim prayAcai |  	(Sri ashtabhujAshtakam)

And re-iterated again so eloquently,

tvayi rakshati rakshakaih kim ananyaih:|
tvayi carakshati rakshakaih kim ananyaih:|

								(Sri kAmAsikAshtakam)

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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