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re: badri's question

From: Bhagya Murali (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 18:22:06 PDT


sri badri,

your question:
"In chapter 10 Krishna states that he is Vishnu among
the 12 sons of Aditi.What does he mean here?.Who is
Aditi?.How can visnhu be a son of anybody?."

answer to part 1:

"When we don’t listen to what Bhagavan says, He punishes us-but Thayar takes 
mercy upon us.  Afterwards, Bhagavan Himself helps us through someone else! 
Vedam says that instead of helping us directly, Bhagavan helps us through 
someone else.  When the devas could not stand Mahabali’s ‘attakaasam’ 
(pomp), Aditi prayed to Bhagavan for help.  But what did Bhagavan do? He 
mentioned a vratham and if that vratham is completed, all troubles will go 
away.  Aditi prayed through that vratham since Narayanan Himself is the one 
praised through all vrathams and yagams.  Even when we do aaradhanai for 
pithru devathas, everything ultimately goes to Narayanan.
	A servant smears sandal on the king sitting on a throne.  The king has 
shielded his body with armor, and on top of that he’s wearing silks; on top 
of that there’s another layer of clothing.  Are the silks and the armor the 
ones accepting the sandal?  No, it’s the atman inside which accepts it.  The 
same way, Aditi’s vratha palan goes to Perumal.  So He Himself became the 
son of Aditi.  In a marriage, during ‘kodi uduthal’ there is a mantram which 
says, “I should have this man as my husband in all my lives...” Mahalakshmi 
resides in the houses where the husband and wife get along and lead a 
harmonious life.  The couple should follow Ramar and Sitai as an example..."

answer to part 2 of your question:

"Bhagavan blesses couples that lead a harmonious life.  One couple wanted to 
reach the stage where they attain yoga siddhi; so they did a lot of penance 
and Bhagavan did bless them.  But after seeing Bhagavan, the couple changed 
their mind. Instead of asking for yoga siddhi, they wanted Him to be born as 
their child.  Bhagavan fulfilled their wish and was born to them as 
‘prachnigarban’.  The same way, He was born as Vamanan for Aditi.  The same 
Aditi was born later as Devaki and Krishna was born to Devaki (Hence, the 
moolavataram for Krishnavataram is Vamanavataram)..."

These are excerpts from a book called "kurai ondrum illai" written by 
Mukkoor LakshmiNarasimhachariar.  Adiyen is translating this work from tamil 
to english; adiyen plans on posting them on bhakti list also.  I ask the 
members to give feedback if you want adiyen to post here or not.  Hope this 
answer somewhat clarified your doubt.

Bhagyalakshmi namni Ramanuja dasi.

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