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doubts on Shraddham and it's efficacy

From: Srikant Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 14:13:18 PDT

AdiyEn has had this doubt for a long time. I pray that someone answer this 
question of mine and not just ignore it like they have with some recent 
innocent questions of some people.

It is said that Shraddam is for the pitrukaLs in the pitrulokam. Let's 
assume the Pitru-soul enters Swargam for a while and comes back after 
emptying it's quota of good karma-phalas. Would a person's Shraddha done to 
this soul still try and protect/save this soul to an extent..and is it by 
any chance powerful enough to nullify it of all karmas, all together?
And yet another question arises, viz if there are many generations 
performing Shraddha to a single soul which has undergone many births..?
Like, to an Acharyan who might be an amsham of a devatha and there're people 
who give tarpaNa to both.

Finally, could we ever attribute material benefits and social privileges 
that a shariram(bearing this soul) enjoys to this shraddham besides other 

Could someone please clarify these for me.
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