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Introduction...of new member, keeping our tradition alive

From: raju akula (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 06:40:33 PDT

Dear Bhagavathaas,

              Jai shree Maan Narayana

            Dear deloved Bhagavathaas my name is
nagaraj and i am new entery in to this holiest mailing
list.Thanxs for all the bhagavathaas for there
enlighting descisions on the lord of all lord shree
maan Narayana.Bowing in salutations to the lord i want
to add one comment i hear lot of new in the maling
list on demi gods and in this regard i full agree with
views expressed by the K. Sreekrishna Tatachar he has
truly said that when i bow to any god or holy person i
see lord narayan in him .when we try to see the great
god in each and evry thing there is no question of any
demi gods as shree maan narayana is sarava vayapi we
have to feel and see him in every things.That to the
situation when our religion is in dire need of
upliftment when many forigen forces are trying to
breake our religion.we should be strong and united to
defend it and show that our religion is the
went should not fight on the simple things when our
learned frinds know that all the worships reach to him
only.I thnik you can pray to any of the gods but keep
your mind and soul devoted to the lord then you see
him in every thing. so i request all of the beloved of
lord to talk on love towrds the lord and how we can
reach near to him adn talk about great teachres and
there works.If i am wrong please excuse me and forgive
for any of my mistakes.

shree Bagavathaa Daasan,


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