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Re: keeping our tradition alive

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 09:08:22 PDT

Dear Bhakthas,

This is in response to Sriman. RR's posting on the above subject.
While it would not be my purpose to engage in a point war reply, I thought 
of presenting a totally different perspective to the issue on hand.

When we look at other religions/other hindu religious options, it has been 
my observation that these systems have been closely identified with certain 
value systems. For instance when we talk of Christianity -a lay person 
probably identifies it instantly with LOVE TO ALL. Similarly when we talk of 
Islam or Sikhism, these have probably been identified with EQUALITY & 
SACRIFICE. Budhism and Jainism have been closely identified with AHIMSA. The 
Satya Sai movement is identified with Equality of all religions and also 
service to humanity. I am not trying to say that these are not there in our 
darshanam. But from a common man's point of view the identification of 
religions is probably on the lines mentioned above. This essentially leaves 
only the committed few in our fold. While the fact that Srivaishnavism 
transcends the varna fold,has an extremely humanistic approach, and could 
offer total solutions to a jiva's spiritual needs, could be our USP, these 
points are probably unknown to the man in the street.

There is also the other face to the whole issue. If any one had listened to 
Bro. Paul Dinakaran's speeches at the public fora, one is indeed amazed at 
the way the mass get instantly influenced and also identify themselves with 
what he says. Even in the Satya Sai and the Bangaru Adigal's fold the 
following is increasing with every day because of the so called secular 
approach, as also the tangible and material benefits accruing to the 
followers (if not for all atleast for some of them).
With this background in mind, we must try and see what is that we are 
offering to existing and potential srivaishnavas.Are we too individualistic 
vis a vis others, who are adopting a community based approach.The fact that 
we tend to be ritualistic may be partially correct.It is high time we 
thought of ways and means of attracting the best of the youth. This would 
essentially involve our taking a more active participation in people's day 
today life (particularly the youth).It must be remembered that Bhagawan 
Ramanuja out his immense compassion for the suffering jiva's took the bold 
step of bringing innumerable people into the darshanam's fold.May be we have 
to plead to Yatiraja "Innum oru Nootrandu Irum".

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