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RE: Anyadevata worship

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 18:53:35 PDT

Sri Tatachar wrote :
Dear Bhagavathaas,

I have enjoyed the long and very informative chain of letters
with respect to demi-gods. I like to add:

As per the BhagavadgIta, no matter which god we
bow to, in actuality,  we ONLY worship HIM (Narayana).


K. Sreekrishna Tatachar


Adiyen asked this same question to one acharya.  His Holiness's reply was :
If a shastriya karma like sandhyavandana involves prayers to indra, varuna
etc.,  then one should have the feeling that one is offering the prayers to
the inner soul of indra, varuna etc and definitely use these terms in the
ritual.  What is not warranted is worship of anydevatas,  in a manner not
prescribed by veda vihita karmas.  (unwarranted  going to anyadevata temples
as a habit or as a habit worshipping anyadevatas as a daily routine - is
wrong). If one says that I have a particular anya devata (x) as my object of
worship, and since I know that worshipping X is same as worshipping Lord
srimannarayana it should be OK;  This is not right if that X is not an
actual avatar of Srimannarayana. Worship of anyadevatas (of course knowing
that the prayers are actually offered to the inner controller of that
devata) is ok as long as that worship is ordained in the shastras clearly.
(Sri ramanuja refers to chaturhotara... yatra sampadam gacchanti... please
look into the bhasyas for details)
Please note bhagavadgita - tepi mameva kaunteya yajanti avidhi purvakam.  -
those who worship anyadevatas without knowing that Lord Krishna is the inner
soul, worship HIM in an unprescribed manner (avidhi purvakam).  Hence they
get limited fruits. - tatvena atah chyavanti te. (BG).
Please go through the whole of Sri Ramanuja Bhasya on this for clarity.  The
info is distributed in adhyayas 7 & 9 if I remember right.
Adiyen Krishna Kalale

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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