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Re: Worshipping other Gods/Deities

From: J. Venkatanathan (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 22:16:55 PDT

Dear Sri Vivek:

Sriman-naaraayana Himself is THE means for the Jeevas to knowing/reaching/serving Him. and baddha-s like Siva/Gowari/Ganesha cannot at all help other Jeevas develop devotion to Sriman-naaraayana.

(For Srivaishanavas, none but Sriman-naaraayana is THE Dhivya-dhampathi, THE Saranya-dhampathi and THE Seshi-dhampathi. So Srivaishanavas have nothing to do with Demi-gods.)

Baddha Jeevas (Brahma, Siva, Gowri, Durga, Subramanya, Ganesha, Kaali etc) however famous they maybe, they are under the influence of thamo/rajo guNas and they do not have steadfast & complete knowledge of their total subservience to Sriman-naaraayana, all the time.

Sometimes demigods, including Siva picks up a fight (remember the Bhaanaasura story?) with Sriman-naaraayana.  
Remember the Sarasvathi story. She initially tried to disrupt the Yaagham Chathur-mukha-Brahmaa was performing to see Sri Devaadhi-raaja Perumaal of Sri-Kancheepuram.
Remember the Chathur-mukha-Brahmaa story. He forgot all the Vedas due to conceit and Sriman Naaraayana aranged Naradha to teach him the Vedha-s again. ( I dont remember the details of this story. Can someone please help me out here?)

I know you might quote (if you have Hare-Krishna background) the Srimad Bhaagavatham verse:
  "... Vaishnavaanaam yathaa Sambhu:..."
I do not know if our Srivaishanava Aachaarya-s have explained the true import of this verse.
I request knowlegeable Srivaishanava-s to explain the true meaning of the verse.

-adiyen, Venkatanatha Dhaasan

Sri Vivek Devarajan  <vivek.devarajan@w...> wrote:
> [...]
> But until a devotee comes to such an advanced state, 
> he can take help from other demigods, but his 
> ultimate aim should be TO SERVE LORD NARAYANA.
>  I beg all the devotees to correct me if I have made 
> any mistakes

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