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mukkur srimad azhagiasingar

From: sadagopan (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 21:19:42 PDT

ananta pranamas to the sri vaishnavas of the bhakti digest from sadagopan.i have been  an avid peruser of the digest for a few months now and have profited immensely from the various postings .today i venture to make a small contribution ,the only merit of which is the vishaya vailakshanyam.                       today(avani hastham) is the thirunakshatram of asmad acharyan ,the renowned mukkur srimad azhagiasingar ,best known for his last kainkaryamof transforming the  'mottai gopuram'of sri ranganatha temple at sri rangam into a magnificent new,towering edifice ,the very sight of which fills every sri vaishnavite heart with bhakti.the elderly saint's untiring efforts in building the beautiful gopuram,in response to sri ranganatha's divyagya in his swapnam,  would bring tears to the eyes of anyone who had been associated with the project;for,at the ripe old age of 90+,he used to personally supervise the construction by climbing the tenth tier of the gopuram.he was indeed aperson of indefatigable energy in the service of the lord.      another characteristic he is remembered for is his uncompromising stand on 
 the paratvam of sriman narayana,which he reiterated at all fora,unmindful of accolades or brickbats from the so-called 'secular' people.  his erudition in sri bhashyam is well known and he used to delight in raising seemingly unanswerable questions on the various adhikaranas  and providing answers for the same to the baffled audience.  this azhagiasingar was generous to a fault and no person,sri vaishnava or not,who went to him for financialassistance,came away emptyhanded.       on this day,let us remember with reverence and grattitude this magnificent acharya who,through saranagati pradhanam,ensured the liberation of countless sri vaishnavas.  please forgive me if i have been longwinded. ananta pranamas again. dasan,sadagopan.

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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