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[sv-rituals] Panguni Uttaram, contd.

From: rangaswamy_m (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 12:41:01 PST

[ Taken from the Oppiliappan group -- Moderator ]

Dear Sri Muralidharan Swami:

thank you very much for this wonderful posting. Adiyen would like
to add adiyen's experiecne here.

Though in Srirangam there is a Serthi sevai for the
Dhivyadhampathigal, there is no such thing called Thirukalyanam
for the Divyadhampathigal. But in Thiruvali-Thirunagari (Sri
Thirumangai Mannan's Avathara Sthalam) wedding is performed for
the Divyadhampathigal. (And hence the Perumal's thirunamam here
is KalyanaRanganathan) So, it is a tradition to attend the
wedding at the Thiruvali-Thirunagari and go to Srirangam for the
Serthi sevai. The day before Panguni Uthiram adiyen went to
Thiruvali-Thirunagari to have the sevai of Vedupari Uthsavam. It
is needless to talk about the beauty of Sri Kaliyan here.  At
Thiruvali-Thirunagari when archakas describe the beauty of Sri
Kaliyan with the apt pasurams of Visadhavak Sigamani Sri
Manavalamamunigal, even an atheist would fall into Sri Kaliyan's
feet. Sri Kalyanaranganathan will go to a place called
"Thirumanangkollai" with all the jewels and have the wonderful
wedding in the morning. By night around 7.00 pm Sri Kalyan will
take his horse (AdalMa Valavan) and go to the "Thirumanangkollai"
and try to take all the jewels from the newly married
Divyadhampathigal. That purappadu for Sri Kaliyan with huge
Dheevatees is a wonderful scene to see. After trying hard to take
the jewels, due to Bhagavadh Krupai Sri Kaliyan will become
Thirumangai Azhwar and the Ghoshti will start chanting "Vadinen
Vadi Varunthinen" pasurams.  The uthsavam would take the entire
night and by early morning we could see the "very enlightened"
Thirumangai Azhwar along with Sri Kumudavalli Nachiyar.  By
morning (on the day of Panguni Uthiram) me along with other three
Bhagavadhas took a bus to go to Kumbakonam. On our way to
Kumbakaonam we stopped at ThiruIndhalur (Sri Parimala Rangan) and
had the sevai of Theerthavari. By that afternoon we went to
Thirukudanthai to have the sevai of Aravamudhan and Komalavalli
Thayar serthi sevai. The big smile of Sri Aravamudhan along with
Komalavalli Thayar at the Serthi sevai is something one has to
hav e the experience. It is like a pure sweet. Even if I describe
this with 10000 words nothing is like experiencing. By that
evening we took a bus to go Srirangam and by the time we reached
it was the time for Gadhyatrayam Ghoshti.  Thousands of people
were lined up for the Divyadampathigal's grace.  By this time
Selvar (Nithyothsava Murthy) would be back from the Vada
ThirukKaveri after the Theerthavari uthsavam. When the ghoshti is
ready for the Gadhyatraya Satrumarai second Ekantham will be
offered for the Divayadhampathis.  After that Thirumanjanam will
start for the Divaydhampathigal. 18 times Perumal's Kaili
(Lungi?) will be changed during the thirumanjanam. This is to
signify Swami Bhashyakarar's 18 times visit to Thirukoshtiyur to
get the Thirumanthrartham and other Rahasyams. During the
Thirumanjanam Arayars will sing the "Vasanthan Pattu."
Thirumanjanam will be over by early morning. After the
Thirumanjanam third Ekantham will be offered for the
Divyadhampathigal. Then Tha yar will go to her sannidhi and
Perumal will start a purappadu from the Panguni Uthiram mandapam
very slowly (as if does not want to leave Thayar sannidhi) for
the Gho Radham. But once he is out of Thayar sannidhi, he would
go so fast as if wants to finish the next one year very fast (so
that come back again on the day of Panguni Uthiram day). As we
know most of the practices in this SriVaishnavam's capital has
been formulated by Sri Ramanuja himself.  No wonder SriRamanuja
is being praised as "ThenArangar Selvam Mutrum Thiruthi Vaithan
Vazhiye." Again adiyen could only narrate the events and not the
experience. It is beyond description. Similarly here in Pomona
Sri Ranganatha Temple is planning to celebrate this in a grand
and authentic way (as always) (details posted on the web site According to the web site
programs start at 7.00 pm tonight and will end up tomorrow
morning around 6.00 am.  Please try to participate in this
once-a-year program and be blessed by the Dhivyadhampathigal.

Ramanujadasan Kannan

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