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Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 16:02:04 PST

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> Kindly describe me in a simple way how shoudl we offer(Dhupa,dipa 
> How many circle and what are the apporiate mantra to be chanted 
> this ceremony?
> And during abishek the arca vigraha kindly elobrate what are mantra 
> be chanted for the (yougurt,milk,etc)

Dear Rajalingam,

If one has properly learnt the corresponding Veda mantras
with the appropriate svara, etc., one can recite the following:

1) abhiSeka - purusha-sUkta is a must for Lord Vishnu
2) dhUpa - the mantra beginning with "dhUr dhUr asi"
3) dIpa - the mantra beginning with "uddIpyasya"

But you need not recite these mantras if you do not know
them properly. Instead, you may simply recite the ashTAkshara
mahAmantra, and some Alvar paasurams, should you know them:

1) abhiSeka - periyaazvhaar neeraattam
2) dhUpa - "parivadhil eesanai paadi" from thiruvaaymozhi
3) dIpa - the first paasuram of each of the thiruvandhaadhis
          "vaiyam thagaLiyaa" by poygai aazhvaar
          "anbE thagaLiyaa" by bhUthatth aazhvaar
          "thirukkaNdEn" by pEy aazhvaar

There are variations on these, of course, from tradition
to tradition.

More than the mantras, however, what is most important
(and perhaps this goes without saying) is to perform
these with utmost bhakti.  This overcomes any inability
in knowledge of mantras, etc.

With regards

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