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[sv-rituals] Prapanna's balance of Karma

From: Chakravarthy V R (NhW/RAN2) (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 06:20:12 PST

There is apprehension among many that the balance of Karma at the time of Moksham of a Prapanna, be it Punya or Paapa, gets transferred to the progeny. Is this true? Or does the Prapanna depart with a clean slate?

Much as implicit faith in the efficacy of rituals is extolled as a virtue by our forefathers, lack of conviction often leads to dereliction of duties ordained. This applies to many of our rituals such as the performance of Darsa Tarpana. 
Could anyone please explain the significance of Tarpana? When we devoutly believe that our ancestors are among the Nitya-Suris, liberated from any association with Purva-Janma(s), do they need our monthly offering and does it reach them at all ? 


V.Ranganatha Chakravarthy

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