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[sv-rituals] Re: vadhUdharmacandrikA

From: mani2 (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 13:59:32 PST

Dear Ute,

I know of no other text that deals exclusively with women's
ritual obligations. But every detailed book on Sri Vaishnava
anushThAna includes a section on 'strI-dharma'. However, I 
find them overall to be very abbreviated and they rob the
women of many of their rightful duties (mantra-japa, etc.)

The panca-kAla is explained by many texts. One of the primary
ones is panca-kAla-kriya dIpaH, by an author whose name I forget.
There are also works by Sri Tirukkudandai Gopala Desika which
describe the attitude and rituals pertaining to each part of
the day. Modern works are synopses of more ancient works such
as these. Of course all of these are totally based on the
pAncarAtra texts themselves. By and large the Sri Vaishnavas
do not follow the Vaikhanasa agama.

Sri Ramanuja's nitya describes only the ijyA period in detail.
Here too many details are omitted because he has assumed
the audience knows about it.

And you are correct about the ashTAkshara mantropadesa. In
the Vadagalai tradition the praNava is given as 'am' to those
who have not had upanayanam. The Thengalai tradition gives
the Vedic mantra to all.


--- In sv-rituals@y..., "mani2" <mani@a...> wrote:
> Do you know of any other text exclusively devoted to the women's 
> ritual
> obligations? Or of a text at least containing SOME rules for women 
> this
> context?
> Which are the texts on PancakAla followed by men today? Is the 
> concept of
> PancakAla exlicitly given (and explained) in RAmAnuja's 
> You are referring to the "initiation ceremony". I suppose this is
> PancasamskAra.
> In the VadhUdharmacandrikA the aSTAkSaramantra is given -  however, 
> the
> pranva is replaced by "aM" there. I read that this is one feature 
> which
> distinguishes VaTakalais and Tenkalais. Is that true/the case in 
> present day
> South India?
> Best regards and thanks in advance
> sincerely
> Ute

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