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[sv-rituals] Re: vadhUdharmacandrikA

From: mani2 (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 11:09:42 PST

[ Forwarding Ute's post as I believe it is of general interest ]

Dear Sri Mani Varadarajan and Sriram Ranganathan,

thank you both for your interesting and enlightening replies.

You wrote:
> How did you come upon this text?
> What is its date and who is its author?

I "found" the text when I was in search of text related to the 
tradition. The VadhUdharamacandrikA is a VaikhAnasa text, it was 
printed in
1948 in a small village in AP (Krishna district) (Telugu characters) 
and the
authors are "pUrvAcAryas". Unfortunately also the short introduction 
not contain any clue as to where and when the text was compiled.

You wrote:
> The Vaishnava woman is supposed to participate and cooperate with
> her husband in all aspects of his dharma.  Hence during each
> kAla in the panca-kAla-prakriya she is to do her duty as her
> husband does his, both in the service of Bhagavan.  Whenever
> the husband is incapable of doing his part, or falls short, the
> wife is supposed to pick up where he left off (and vice versa,
> presumably!) But no doubt in the texts the husband's dharma is
> presumed to be primary and the wife's dharma supportive.

Do you know of any other text exclusively devoted to the women's 
obligations? Or of a text at least containing SOME rules for women in 
Which are the texts on PancakAla followed by men today? Is the 
concept of
PancakAla exlicitly given (and explained) in RAmAnuja's Nityagrantha?

You are referring to the "initiation ceremony". I suppose this is
In the VadhUdharmacandrikA the aSTAkSaramantra is given -  however, 
pranva is replaced by "aM" there. I read that this is one feature 
distinguishes VaTakalais and Tenkalais. Is that true/the case in 
present day
South India?

Best regards and thanks in advance

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