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[sv-rituals] terms relating to temple offices

From: Ute Huesken (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 12:29:38 PDT

Dear all,
unfortunately I am totally unaware of the content of some terms used in 
some ancient documents from South India.

I would be extremely grateful if the learned community could help me in 
this respect.

1) What does the term "Dharmakarta/DharmakartR" indicate? It seems to me 
that it is used for a person who took part as a sponsor in the erection 
and consecration of a temple, and whose duty is to "manage" the temple 
in respect to its secular affairs.

2) What does the "right of reciting Mantrapushpa" indicate? Is 
"Mantrapushpa" a certain ritual? If so - what verses/sUktas/mantras are 
recited during this ritual and who is generally entitled to to so?

3) What does the term "Teerthagar" indicate? Is it an office within the 

4) What does Taptasamasrayana mean?

Thanks a lot in advance
Yours sincerely

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