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[sv-rituals] Re: Temple kumbabhishekams at what cost?

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Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 15:51:40 PDT

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It is true that some new techniques are being used which do not sit 
well on the old structures such as our temples. The result could be 
something unaesthetic or it may be destructive, at some level, to the 
structure itself.

On the other hand, one must take into account the fact that these 
temples are living institutions. They serve the devotees in the 
community (village, taluka, district, state) as well as other 
devotees spread far and wide. A kumbhabhisekam focuses attention on 
the temple and apart from carrying out some much needed repairs, also 
brings much needed funds to the temple. 

While our temple structures should be preserved in their pristine 
purity, it is perhaps more important that the temple as a functioning 
institution be preserved too. An HR & CE person lamenting the poor 
work habits and processes used in repairs is one thing. But a 
journalist doing this makes one wonder. This same journalist a few 
months before had run an article in the same magazine criticizing 
Tamil brahmins for making Karnatic music static. He does not show an 
ounce of gnyaanam in that article, only superficial impressions. 

If you left it to this writer, he would perhaps cleanse the temple of 
all of its corporate functions and recreate it in the image of a 
pyramid or a mausoleum. Great for tourism probably but of no 
intrinsic value to the community it has been serving. 

This writer's attitude is an extreme case of the attitude in much 
greater moderation that is seen in the lament of a Sanskrit professor 
(of European origin) that the Indian community in every city in the 
US will collect money to build a Hindu temple but will not collect to 
endow a chair of Sanskrit. 

Hope this helps,

Lakshmi Srinivas

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