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Re: [sv-rituals] Proper time to do Sandhyavandanam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 11:30:38 PDT

Dear Sriman Rohit Iyer:

The timings just before Sunrise and Sunset are
the most appropriate times for Praatha: and 
Saayam Sandhyvandhanmas.The benefits are the maximum , 
when done at these prescribed times. The Tamil KuraL,
"KaaNAthu-kONAthu " applies to the two SandhyA Vandhanam
timings and that of MaadhyAhnikam . "KaaNAthu"  means before
Sunrise and when the stars are still visible (Praatha: sandhyA).
"kONAthu" means , when the Sun is exactly over the head 
before starting its descent towards the race to the evening .
Saayam sandhyA worship is performed just before the Sun sets
(SandhyA Kaalam ).The Saama Veda UpasthAna Manthrams 
refer to these timings by saluting the Sun (Soorya NaarAyaNan )
as Udhyantham ) inthe morning and "Prathithishtantham " in
the evening.

Thus , the prAtha: sandhyavandhanam should be started before
Sunrise and concluded at Sunrise. When one does it after Sunrise, 
the effects are poor. Same for Saayam SandhyA in the sense that 
the fruits of the worship are maximum when it is started before
Sunset and concluded at Sunset.

The classical time divisions of the day by FIVE units:
PrAtha: , sangava, MadhyAna , aparahna and Saayam have to be 
observed . The first , third and the fifth divisions
have been selected for SandhyA Vandhanam .

NaarAyaNa ,

At 10:25 AM 6/7/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi friends,
>What is the proper time to do the morning and evening

>Samvartha:-   Prathassandhya   should   be  
>worshipped   when  stars   are   still   seen   and  
>sandhya   is   worshipped   in   the  evening,   when 
> the   sun   is   half   set. 
>Can anyone clarify my doubt about the time to do the
>evening Sandhya?
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