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[sv-rituals] Proper time to do Sandhyavandanam

From: Rohit Iyer (
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 10:25:32 PDT

Hi friends,

What is the proper time to do the morning and evening

The Manu smrti says :-

Let himstand during the morning twilight, muttering
the Savitri until the Sun appears, but seated in the
evening until the constellations can be seen
distinctly. (2.101)

My understanding of this verse is the morning
Sandhyavandanam is concluded at sunrise, while the
evening Sandhya is started at sunset.

However the link provided below states that :
Yogayagnavalkya:-   Sandhya   Devi   is   worshipped  
at   sandhya.  It   should   not   be   done   after  
sunset   in   the   evening.   Prathas  sandhya  
should   not   be   done   after   sunrise.   Even  
Brahma,  Vishnu   and   Shiva   worship   sandhya   at
  the   right   time. Hence, it   follows   that  
brahmins   also   perform   the   sandhyavandhana. 

Samvartha:-   Prathassandhya   should   be  
worshipped   when  stars   are   still   seen   and  
sandhya   is   worshipped   in   the  evening,   when 
 the   sun   is   half   set. 

Can anyone clarify my doubt about the time to do the
evening Sandhya?


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