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[sv-rituals] Thanks to all your Replies

From: ramesh9_uk (
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 12:28:06 PDT

_/|\_  Vanakkam & Namaste Vaisnava Brothers/Sisters,

thanks for all the emails i received via my hotmail account from 
various members here. They were were inspiring and really Helpfull 
thanks to all my Brothers/Sister here. If you have any additional 
Information regarding my ealier post with the title" How to become a 
Pujari" please send me further Information.Many Thanks again to all 
you and to all who have sent me emails regarding my question.

May Bhagavan enrich and spread the Vaishnava Belive, Brotherhood and 
Love amongst all Vaishnavas.

Om Vishnue Namaha

with warm wishes

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