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Re: [sv-rituals] Women and Vedas

From: Damana Krishna (
Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 06:29:55 PDT

Since the Gita was spoken direktly by Perumal and is
dealing directly with bhakti path and love for
Narayana, isn't Gita superior to the literature which
deals jnanam and karmam or the impersonal Brahman
conception. Does one who surrenders to the Perumal get
the results of studying the Veda's?
Bhagavat-gita 8.28:
vedeShu yajNeSu tapaHsu caiva
dAneShu yat puNya-phalaM pradiShTam
atyeti tat sarvam idaM viditvA
yogA paraM sthAnam upaiti cAdyam
A person who accepts the path of bhakthi is not bereft
of the results derived from studying the Vedas,
performing austere sacrifices, giving charity or
pursuing philosophical and fruitive activities. Simply
by performing devotional service, he attains all
these, and at the end he reaches the supreme eternal

So, even if a woman does not study the Vedas, there is
no lost when she accepts the path of bhakthi, not only
this, she can reach the Vaikuntham.  One who is just
attached  to speak about Brahman, jnanam, etc. can
certainly not and is continuing the samsara.  
In the eyes of Perumal Narayana only bhakthi is
Bhagavat gita:2.45
trai-guNya-viShayA vedA
nistrai-guNyo bhavArjuna
nirdvandvo nitya-sattva-stho
niryoga-kShema AtmavAn
The Vedas deal mainly with the subject of the three
guna's (sathva, rajas, tamas) of material nature. O
Arjuna, become transcendental to these three modes. Be
free from all dualities and from all anxieties for
gain and safety, and be established in the self.

The Gita is dealing with bhakthi, so is very very
exalted. We should study the Gita in preference to
even the great Vedas. 
Only male- purusha is Narayana. We all are prakrti,
servants, enjoyable, female. The purusa bhava is a
part of ahaMjaram.
Most of the rules are according to the traditions. But
most important is we remmeber we are eternal servant
of Perumal. The gender is changing from life to life.
One is now male a studying the Vedas, next life he
will be female and not able to. This is the duality of
material world. In this world everything is dual.

Damana Krishna Brahmacari dasan

[ Note: There is no "impersonal Brahman" conception
  in the Visishtadvaita understanding of the Vedas.
  An impersonal Brahman is a non-entity according to
  Sri Ramanuja and hence the Vedas would never speak
  of it. It is also unwise to speak of study of one
  text being "better" than another, when both the Gita
  and the Vedas, at least according to the philosophy
  of the Sri Vaishnava tradition, aim at experience of
  Narayana. ]

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