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[sv-rituals] Re: Doubts for clarification

From: vaidhehi_nc (
Date: Sun Apr 28 2002 - 14:03:57 PDT

SriRAma Jayam,

Dear Raghavan,

           Sure feelings are far more important than the 
methodologies. But from my experience(I think it's also said in the 
vEdAs)I can say that sitting(on the ground) with legs folded properly 
and fingers in right position help in meditating properly(many a 
times our minds waver/vascillate even while worshipping). I have kept 
my Gods in my bed room b'coz in US, apt complexes have small kitchen
(closets are not enough to keep the groceries!). At the same time I 
can chant closing the door if I want(people don't realize that 
somebody chants and still they make lot of noise,I'm staying with 
roommates!). I have stuck all my perumALs on the wall(I have the 108 
divya desams photo,Ranganatha,AndAL,KalyAna RAmA,etc and I have a 
small table on which I have kept kutti perumALs incl. a frame of 
RAmAnujA,maNavALa mAmunigaL). When I used to chant Sundara kANdam,it 
used to take me easily an hr plus other daily routines(30-45mnts). I 
found comfortable to sit on the floor and do worship. When I sat on a 
chair or something similar,I felt I couldn't concentrate on Him plus 
I felt the sitting position was not comfortable. This is just a 
personal feeling! One should keep God in a place where one can access 
Him at any time without external disturbances.

As far I know normally we don't keep any human photos along with 
Gods. We never had in my house and that's what I was taught! Though 
my mother is no more I've not kept her photo along with Gods b'coz 
God is superior to all.

When you know the "President Himself" why do you need middlemen(I'm 
not saying that one shouldn't chant Navagraha sthotram,all I'm saying 
is it's not mandatory). Since only NArAyaNA can grant mOksha,it's 
better to invoke His name as many times as possible in a day!

Normally after Tiru ArAdanam(sAtRRumuRai)we close the session,we give 
rest for God(we have already made HIm wait for long,so feed Him and 
put Him to sleep)!

Sorry for this long reply.
Sarvam krSNArpaNam astu
> I have few doubts and grateful if the BhAgavathas will
> help me clarify these:
> I work in the Gulf and I use a shelf as my 'perumal
> arai' which is at a height of 5 feet from the ground.
> As a result, when I offer my prayer I sit on a chair.
> Recenlty a friend of mine said, he saw, for the first
> time, someone like me doing prayers sitting on a
> chair. The reason why I sit on a chair instead of on a
> 'manai palakai' is I cannot see the perumals when I
> sit on the floor. Is it in order to sit on a chair and
> offer the prayers?
> I have kept the pictures of my maternal and paternal
> (late) grand parents in my perumal arai. Is it in
> order to keep them in my perumal arai?
> Is it alright for Srivaishnavas to recite navagraha
> sthothrams at the fag-end of their prayer? 
> Best regards,
> M.S. Raghavan
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