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[sv-rituals] Re: Abhivadanam

From: vaidhehi_nc (
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 15:23:48 PDT

Sri RAmaJayam

Dear Sriram,

(i) I don't think sri Narayan made those statements from 
mere "gender" aspect. His is a critical question to all people who 
have digested/studied the vEdAs. But he had sounded emotional while 
pouring his views. 

(ii)A "truely" knowledgeable person should not shy away from 
answering questions however stupid it may sound(Einstein:The best 
thing is not to stop questioning "why")

(iii) Just as Bhagavad RAmAnujA discarded Sankara's philosophy and 
established his own philosophy,one has to give weightage to one's 
questions. BTW,I am also a research student(mathematics previously 
and now aerospace)

(critical analysis with sound logic is research and it will sustain 
for centuries,for your reference "the speed of light is the same for 
you,for me and for everybody". A researcher is supposed to make a 
perfect,logical conclusions using intuition)
"When I say I'm doing research basically it means that re-search of 
things which are already there"

Before Newton's time gravity existed but we call Newton's laws of 
motion(b'coz he gave explanation)and not God's laws of motion!

(iii)Till the advent of RAmAnujA,sUdrAs were not allowed in the 
temples. Why? Was it due to the fact that brAhmanAs possess saguNAs 
and sUdrAs posses nirguNAs? It was b'coz of misconceptions and 
nothing else set forth by the predecessor Sanakara. It's RAmAnujA who 
straigtens the society(which was stinking)and gives vimOchanam!

(iv)Practice makes a man perfect! If women got training in vEdAs,they 
also would do justice. It's all the "mindset". If PraNavam affects a 
women's metabolism, then it's a good "PhD" topic for biologists!

(v) NammAzhwAr's kOil Tiruvoimozhi is equal to sAma vEda. Infact all 
His works represent the vEdAs. I am fortunate(with God's grace)that I 
can chant kOil Tiruvoimozhi. But that's a different issue. The 
question is "why women can't chant the vEdAs". People who have 
studies vEdAs should be able to give a satisfying,logical,scientific 
reasoning/explanation. After all "PHILOSOPHY IS THE FUNDAMENTAL 
SCIENCE OF ALL SCIENCES". Let's not forget this.
(v) Last but not the least,even if there were thousand Bhagavad 
RAmAnujAs,still we wound find people who hold onto the gospel "women 
are not eligible to chant vEdAs without any logic". If someone can 
prove this by vEdic propositions and proofs(namely viSayaha,pUrva 
paksham,samsayaha,siddhAntam,samgraha),that would be great. 

(vi)whether or not it's human nature to go for forbidden fruit,it's 
certainly a human nature to question certain things.

AzhwAr EmperumAnAr tiruvadigaLE saraNam

[ So-called SUdras were rarely if ever forbidden to enter
  temples, at least in South India.  I don't know about the
  north.  Recall that Tirumangai Alvar and Nammalvar among
  the Alvars are traditionally classified as SUdras, yet
  they and their kin are known to have freely worshipped
  the Lord at many temples.

  Second, unless someone can shed any further light on the
  topic of women and the Vedas, I think the topic should
  be now closed.  Any particularly scholarly emails are
  more than welcome, but I think we have heard enough
  opinions on the matter for now.  -- Moderator ]

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