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Re: [sv-rituals] Re: Abhivadanam
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 22:18:39 PDT

Dear Gita,

This might be due to economic considerations that prevailed in ancient days.  
A woman would take care of children at home and the men would be earning 
livelyhood through teaching vedas etc.  Men did not want any competition from 
a woman!

Also, somebody had told me a medical reason for preventing a woman from 
chanting. The chanting of "Om"  in a proper style would create sound 
harmonics (through Nabhi) and would affect woman's metabolism etc. etc.  I do 
NOT know whether it is true. Even Karnatic/Hindustani music might produce 
similar wave phenomena!! 

I understand that the women students of Swamy Chinmayananda chant Purusha 
Sookta, Sri Sookta etc.  If there were to be any validity to the concept, 
Chinmayananda would have advised his women students appropriately.

I am happy you spoke up.


[ We really should not compare the practices, standards, and
  erudition of neo-Vedanta Swamis such as Sri Chinmayananda
  with the acharyas who follow the Vedic path of Sri Ramanuja, 
  Sri Sankara, etc.  The two groups are quite different in outlook
  and, for that reason, appeal to different groups of people.
  The rules and regulations preached by each set of Swamis are
  in accordance with their erudition and comprehension of 
  spiritual texts and religious truths.  That they have a large
  following and repute does not ipso facto make them authorities
  on what is spiritually correct. -- Moderator ]