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Re: Re: [sv-rituals] Abhivadhanam

From: sridhar .S (
Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 00:41:09 PDT

Dear All

I do agree with shubha, also my grand father used to
tell me that one is not supposed to prostrate to a
lady if she is not accompanied by her husband, also
one should not prostrate anybody within the temple
premises except one's acharya and his parents.

And regarding the sacred thread , my grandfather used
to tell me that when we are in brahmacharya ashram we
wear the thread made up of three strands , and when
married, one wears one thread(  of three strands
) for himself and the other (of three strands) for his
wife. so a married person totally wears two scred
threads joined together (of six strands) and also it
has to be noted that whatever the good deeds done by a
married person, 50% of it goes to his wife while the
reverse does not hold good, but the husband partakes
50% of the sins made by his wife.

These are the information, that i have received from
my grandfather , if it is wrong kindly correct me.


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