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[sv-rituals] Re: Abhivadanam

From: vaidhehi_nc (
Date: Sun Apr 21 2002 - 10:58:56 PDT


Dear Narayan,
            I agree with your viewpoint and I've been tortured 
by that "prohibition" of women from chanting vedas but I haven't 
got any satisfactory logical consistent(as RAmAnujA used sAmAn 
AdikhAraNa principle)answer. Motherhood is one form of stage a 
woman undergoes in her lifetime but of course a mother has passed  
through all the stages of womanhood. If women don't qualify to chant
vEdAs,how come a mother gets qualification? I don't see any right

Lord GItAchAryan says in BG(I think 15th Ch,15 slokam,I could be 
wrong,it's been a while since I read BG)that HE is the one who is to 
be known in the vEdAs,HE is the author of the vEdAs. God is for 
everybody so why can't women chant vEdAs to realize/feel HIM? Why 
does this partiality persist. I have "alpa" desire to learn vEdAs but 
due to all these misconceptions I keep myself away from it(I don't 
even know whether I should feel fortunate/unfortunate to have been 
born as female from vEdic standpoint!). For me AzhwArs are eternal.

Can any learned,scholarly people justify this viewpoint? I would be
very grateful to hear on what grounds women are not qualified to 
chant vEdAs.   

Sarvam krSNArpaNam astu

-- In sv-rituals@y..., NARAYANHK@a... wrote:
> Mr. Narasimhan wrote "Since women are ineligible to utter Veda 
> I do not understand why women are ineligible to chant Vedas. Is 
this because 
> of male domination?  When we can pray to godesses Saraswati, 
> Parvati, and Durga why can not women chant vedas. 
> It is high time we have women priests in the temple and head of 
> institutions. Not giving importance to a woman in Veda chanting is 
> ridiculous as men domination in a Christian church.  We should be 
> in our thoughts. 
> Regards,
> HKNarayan

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