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[sv-rituals] RE: Abhivadanam

From: nnaray2 (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 10:02:53 PDT

Dear Shri Anand!

Abhivadanam is done only to those who are qualified to bless with Veda 
mantrams. Since women are ineligible to utter Veda mantrams, abhivadanams are 
not done to them. Exceptions are mother and Acharya Pathni. All Acharya Patnis 
deserve abhivadanam (Brahmopadesam, Samashrayanam, Baranyasam or Kalakshepam).

Sanyasis are technically expected to be indifferent to our interests, i.e  
neither positive nor negative. In other words, technically sanyasis should 
neither bless nor curse us. Since Sanyasis cant bless by this rule, 
abhivadanam should not be performed before them. This rule applies whether the 
Sanyasi is your Acharya or not.

Kaniyambakkam Narasimhan, Chicago

[ Another reason traditionally given for not doing abhivAdana for
  sannyasis is that a sannyasi is in the braahmi-sthiti, beyond
  connection with the body. Identifying oneself by name, gotra,
  varna, etc., is therefore not relevant nor appropriate in the
  presence of a sannyasi. -- Moderator ]

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