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Re: [sv-rituals] Significance of sacred thread

From: A.R. Ramachandran (
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 21:14:59 PDT

I will pass on the explanation given to me when I got married!

There are three strands in the sacred thread of a brahmachari which are tied
in a knot. They represent mind, soul and body respectively, which are all
dedicated to seeking the Brahman. 'Grhastasrama' is recommended as a Ashrama,
meaning that getting married is advocated as a means of following dharma. For
example, only a married man can perform yajnas etc (This is the eligibility).
Therefore, a wife is also a 'helpmate' when he carries out his dharma. The
other three threads represent her mind, body and soul, again in a knot
(meaning bringing them together dedicating all these three 'together' for pursuing
dharma / seeking Brahman).

I am unable to give any quotations from the scriptures to validate the above
point. This is just an explanation that I received.

Kind Regards, AR

> Hello,
> Somebody told me the other day that each thread in the
> sacred thread has some significance. Why are the
> number of strands different for married and unmarried
> people? What is the significance of each strand? Could
> somebody elaborate?
> Regards
> Nithya
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